A visualization of a digitized face overlaid with data, representing machine learning in data management

Machine Learning in Data Management

Management Tips, News
Leveraging machine learning in data management allows you to better utilize the data you track. Learn more about its capabilities and limits.
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A worker at a laptop with data learning how to interpret machine learning results.

How to Interpret Machine Learning Results

News, Job Seeker Advice, Management Tips
With any significant investment, it is critical that an organization can measure its results accurately and productively. This is especially true for machine learning systems. Whether it’s a pre-made software,…
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Network web

6 Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

Management Tips
Executives and entrepreneurs alike are keen to understand the benefits of migrating to the cloud, in light of the trend of SMEs migrating their data storage and other computing functions.…
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A digitized brain, representing the advantages of learning machine learning.

5 Advantages of Learning Machine Learning

Job Seeker Advice
The many advantages of learning machine learning can launch your career into the future. The capabilities of the IT industry have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years thanks…
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Image of a brain on a computer chip, symbolizing no code AI and low code AI.

Using No Code AI and Low Code AI

News, Management Tips
The popularity of no code AI and low code AI is rising as organizations seek technological solutions to maximize their efficiency. No code and low code platforms offer a range…
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Two professionals outside a courtroom, discussing what is an OTA in government contracting

What Is an OTA in Government Contracting?

If you’ve engaged in any kind of government contracting on a federal, state, or even local level, you may have heard about an OTA, or Other Transaction Authority. But what…
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An employee logging into a VPN on their laptop, serving as an example of using a VPN for government work

Using a VPN for Government Agencies

Management Tips, News
If your agency has done any research on cybersecurity lately, especially as remote work has become prevalent, you have probably seen people discussing the various pros and cons of using…
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Graphic with a fishhook over code, symbolizing phishing

What to Do After You Click on a Phishing Link

Management Tips, News
Phishing links deployed through fraudulent email addresses have become increasingly sophisticated, and even the most proactive, secure environments need to be prepared with emergency reactive protocols. In addition to alerting…
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