Sea-Air-Space attendees Ron Hidde and Greg Niehaus

Sentient Digital Attends The Sea-Air-Space Expo in National Harbor, Maryland

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Representatives of Sentient Digital, Inc. are attending the Sea-Air-Space Expo, April 4-6, 2022 at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center located in National Harbor Maryland. The Expo aims to present educational information about the latest in maritime technology and policies. Attending this Expo provides an excellent opportunity for Sentient Digital to keep our technical and policy knowledge up-to-date, as a long-time defense technology contractor in a variety of areas, as well as to meet potential partners and clients whose mission we may enhance in the future. 

Among those attending the Expo on behalf of Sentient Digital is Ron Hidde, Project Engineer and Manager for Aircraft Testing and Integration with RDA, a Department of Defense contractor acquired by Sentient Digital in 2021. Hidde is a United States Navy Veteran who has worked with RDA for eight years and has thirty-six years of combined experience in Naval aviation. 

Hidde’s responsibilities with RDA include developing Mission Software Solutions, a critical part of Sentient Digital’s work involving providing and implementing software that facilitates warfighters’ objectives with customized and continually optimized mission-critical solutions. According to a PMA-264 Air ASW Systems Program Officer in the U.S. Navy who engaged these services, “I am really looking forward to making big progress and fully incorporating RDA into this project—where I know your talent excels. [RDA leaders] Jon and Steve are great engineers that contribute expertise.”

Hidde is attending the Expo to further build RDA’s expertise to address clients’ needs. As he noted, “RDA is attending the Sea, Air and Space Exposition this week from 4-6 April in National Harbor, MD. I look forward to meeting possible new customers and industry partners and discussing how we can solve the most complex technical problems facing our country and warfighters today.”

What Attendees Can Experience at the Sea-Air-Space Expo

The Sea-Air-Space Expo is the Naval League’s Global Maritime Exposition and the largest maritime exposition in the United States. The three-day event features a wide range of distinguished keynote speakers and informative presentations, as well as a large exhibiting space with representatives appearing to present their products and services. The Expo presents a unique opportunity to learn about developments in maritime defense including technological innovations and recent policy changes. 

Another Sentient Digital attendee is Greg Niehaus, an engineer who has worked for RDA for over ten years. His responsibilities involve supporting development, analysis, and test events, often working with large teams of subject matter experts. Niehaus explained, “SDi/RDA is attending the Sea-Air-Space Conference to learn about opportunities outside our current tasking, expand our knowledge of the global maritime industry, and present our capabilities and solutions to potential partners and customers. SDi/RDA will strengthen and expand our network within the Navy and maritime community, attend formal presentations and discussions with experts in their domains, while getting an opportunity to interact and discuss ideas with industry peers.”

One of the most exciting things about attending the conference is learning about the new frontiers of cybersecurity that emerge as national defense evolves. Major General Ryan Heritage, Commander of U.S. Marine Corps Forces Space Command spoke at Sea-Air-Space, commenting that “Crucial to our national defense, space is quickly gaining prominence as another warfighting domain.” We look forward to serving warfighters in this emerging arena. 

Sentient Digital Enjoys The Opportunity to Further Expand Its Maritime Knowledge at Sea-Air-Space

Sentient Digital provides technology services including cybersecurity threat reduction and artificial intelligence solutions to the military, government, and private sector. Regarding maritime technology in particular, Sentient Digital’s experience includes anti-submarine warfare support, systems engineering, digital signal processing, and software development for SONAR system. We are honored to provide mission-critical technology solutions to support the United States’ maritime operations. To learn more about Sentient Digital’s services, contact us today.