Cyber Mission Assurance

Cyber Mission Assurance

Engineering systems for cyber mission assurance requires building upon developing defensive capabilities via protection technologies and coordinating both offensive and defensive capabilities within a comprehensive framework of risk management. Cyber mission assurance also calls for addressing the unexpected and the undetectable cyber attack in ways that make the adversary's exploit harder and more costly, less likely to succeed, and more likely to cause minimal impact on mission operations.

Our team of cybersecurity professionals provides our clients expertise with cybersecurity services for IT infrastructure and mission critical systems, including vulnerability testing, cybersecurity system upgrades, SOCs/NOCs, and planning services. Our DoD 8570 certified personnel at various levels with numerous individual certifications are ready to focus on tackling your greatest cyber challenges.

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorization Services

Our team of cybersecurity experts deliver successful and streamlined authorizations to operate for unique systems.

  • Our in-depth knowledge of RMF and NIST processes and requirements allows our team to lead customer organizations through the accreditation process.
  • We deliver services for all aspects of RMF, including ISSEs and Validators.
  • Our cybersecurity and engineering teams are closely integrated from system conception through deployment, to ensure cyber best practices are included from cradle to grave.

Authorization Through Innovation

Deriving from our team’s A&A knowledge repository, we understand the criticality and detailed nature of system vulnerability and compliance testing.

  • From system scanning to compliance artifact development, to artifact review and test result acceptance, the quantity of compliance artifacts varies per system.
  • Our team streamlines the cybersecurity testing process through the development and utilization of corporate tools that facilitate the production, tracking, review, and acceptance of each testing artifact.
  • Our tools and management processes minimize cyber testing duration and enable our teams to accurately communicate status to customers.

Policy and Compliance

  • Sentient Digital cybersecurity professionals provide federal organizations support for the development and management of organization-level policy artifacts compliant with NIST SP 800-53 requirements.
  • Our team facilitates policy development and implementation through a comprehensive understanding of industry best practices.
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Partner with SDi

Our areas of expertise, set-aside qualifications, clearances, and certifications give us and our partners a competitive edge.

Sentient Digital partners with other organizations to provide full solutions for government contracts. Depending on the situation, Sentient Digital is available to act as either prime contractor or subcontractor. Above all, we value long-lasting partnerships that make us more competitive for contracts, lead to more contracting opportunities, and develop strong working relationships.

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