Mission Software Solutions

Mission Software Solutions

Sentient Digital’s team of software engineers and scientists specialize in developing and maintaining complex mission critical software capabilities. We provide services in agile software development through the development lifecycle. In addition to writing software, we provide disciplined processes, common tools, reusable frameworks, automation, collaboration, and domain expertise to produce stable, scalable, and efficient results that deliver critical mission-quality software to meet our clients’ objectives.

Mission Statement

RDA focuses on its core competencies: systems engineering, digital signal processing, and software development for SONAR systems. We continuously and successfully deliver outstanding technical leadership in engineering services to our customers in the Anti-Submarine Warfare and SONAR acoustic processing domain.

Our Capabilities

  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
  • Systems Engineering
  • Acoustics Research and Development
  • Prototype Development
  • DSP Software Development
  • COTS Integration

Strategic Business Products

RDA SBIR Topics: Phase I, II, III

Phase I ($150,000 per Phase I award)

N162-099, Multi-static Transmission Loss (TL) Estimation

N141-009, Autonomous Environmental Sensor Performance Prediction Tool for Multi-Static Active and Passive ASW

N101-021, Innovative Structures for Sonobuoy Applications

N08-151, GPS Sonobuoy Positioning System

N06-042, Signal Processing for Dense Fields of Miniature Impulsive Sources and Sonobuoy Receivers

N03-014, Air ASW Environmental Characterization using Existing Tactical Sensors

N093-168, Target Localization Using Multi-Status Sonar with Drifting Sonobuoys

Phase I & II ($1,000,000 per Phase II award)

N201-034, Expendable Surface Ship Threat Countermeasure (ESSTC)

N182-116, Minimization of In-Band Interferers on Airborne Anti-Submarine System Performance (ongoing)

N101-052, Environmental Wideband Acoustic Receiver and Source (EWARS)

N06-011, Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Littoral Undersea Warfare

N03-033, Mid-Frequency Sonobuoy

N01-175, CODEC

N00-008, Environmentally Insensitive Active Decluttering

N99-067, In-Buoy Processing

N98-159, Mission Analysis

Phase I, II, & III ($10,000,000–$20,000,000 per Phase III award)

N142-096, Low-Cost Information Assured Passive and Active Embedded Processing

N04-247, Littoral Environment Parameter Estimation from Bi-static and Multi-static Fleet Air Anti-Submarine (ASW) Acoustic Reverberation Data

N02-152, Environmental Mission Planner

N01-017, Shallow Water Bottom Characteristic Measurement Sensor

N98-042, Environmentally Adaptable Detector / Classifier

N98-035, Signal Processing and System Concepts to Exploit Passive Signals in Airborne ASW Missions

N95-014, Advanced Signal Processing of Impulsive Waveforms

N95-013, Automatic Data Fusion Display

“I am really looking forward to making big progress and fully incorporating RDA into this project—where I know your talent excels. Jon and Steve are great engineers that contribute expertise.”

PMA-264 Air ASW Systems Program Office
US Navy

Partner with SDi

Our areas of expertise, set-aside qualifications, clearances, and certifications give us and our partners a competitive edge.

Sentient Digital partners with other organizations to provide full solutions for government contracts. Depending on the situation, Sentient Digital is available to act as either prime contractor or subcontractor. Above all, we value long-lasting partnerships that make us more competitive for contracts, lead to more contracting opportunities, and develop strong working relationships.

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