Diversity & Inclusion

SDi is committed to creating a supportive, diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

We strive to create a welcoming atmosphere that encourages each employee to bring their full self to the workplace. We firmly believe that the collective sum of the individual differences and experiences of our employees is essential in fueling the innovative technology solutions we provide for our customers.

At SDi, we believe:

Our organization’s leadership and management must demonstrate a strong commitment to diversity in order to facilitate dedicated, engaged, and prioritized diversity efforts throughout the company.

Underlining that commitment must be accountability for our leadership and management to meet diversity objectives.

Every employee must have access to collective, relevant, productive training in diversity and conflict management.

Whenever an employee leaves, our company must conduct an exit interview to gain valuable data on employee turnover and use that information to inform our insights and strategies.

For us, having a successful diversity program means:

  1. Our leadership and management actively advocate for diversity at our organization.
  2. We have data-driven diversity goals, as well as a data-driven strategy to support those goals.
  3. Diversity goals and strategies are an essential component of our mission, vision, values, and organizational framework.
  4. We hold ourselves accountable to diversity goals, both as a company and for our leaders and managers specifically.
  5. We effectively share our vision, goals, and strategies for diversity throughout the organization, so all employees understand and are invested in them.
  6. Our leadership and management regularly review our vision, goals, and strategies for diversity to assess our progress and remain agile in our plan.
  7. We measure our progress toward diversity goals with specific metrics and we are transparent about our progress.

We work to reflect these practices in SDi’s diversity and inclusion efforts.

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