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How Reorganizing RDA Bolsters Our Support of U.S. Warfighters

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RDA, an SDi company focused on systems engineering, digital signal processing, and software development for SONAR systems, has reorganized to better support U.S. warfighters in these areas of expertise. Our primary focus has always been on providing specialized naval technology to serve our nation’s military and this new structure will ensure we continue to build on that legacy of service.

The History of RDA

RDA was formed in 1986 by Richard Dator. In 1994, electrical engineer Ron Buratti joined the team and together their expertise would chart RDA’s direction for years. The first RDA site was near Warminster, Pennsylvania, which later became the Doylestown office.

As RDA continued to grow, a second site was opened in Warrenton, Virginia in 1995. Some years later, a third site would be opened in Lexington Park, Maryland. RDA began an explosive growth in SBIR topics and contracts. Over the last 36 years RDA won 26 Phase I SBIR contracts, 19 Phase II contracts, and 10 Phase III contracts including its current BOA contract. Today, RDA has 21 employees, including 13 full-time, 6 part-time, and soon 2 interns.

Acquired by Sentient Digital, Inc., as of June 1, 2021, RDA is even stronger now, combining RDA’s hard work and expertise with SDi’s organizational framework to be better positioned as a whole. RDA’s growth plan is centered around the ability to acquire, retain, and fulfill. This means we understand our customers’ problems and needs, and build a long-term relationship helping them address and fulfill those needs. With this long-term focus, we are working to win more SBIR Phase 1 contracts with an eye on direct-to-Phase II. We will lean into customers approaching us for our services by innovating with new platforms and within new programs. Our significant recruiting efforts, implementing effective tools and making site improvements to optimize productive environments will help us achieve our goals. 

RDA is Reorganizing with Our Customers in Mind

RDA remains a small business, specializing in Research & Development, Digital Signal Processing, Systems Engineering, Software Development, and Flight Support in support of the United States Navy’s Anti-Submarine Warfare mission, to protect its citizens and homeland. RDA differentiates itself by its people and the expertise they bring to solve the Navy’s pressing anti-submarine warfare (ASW) problems. Our motto is that when others can’t do it, or when others find the bar too high, RDA does it and does it well. 

Representatives of our clients put it best, stating that, “RDA has incredibly competent systems and software engineers,” and, “[they] need RDA to pose and answer the questions that no one else is thinking about.” Comments like these serve as a standard that we strive to meet and exceed in the future. 

To optimize support to our customers and our staff, RDA’s General Manager and Director of Mission Software Solutions, Jon E. Dionne, is reorganizing RDA’s structure and organization. The new structure centers around three areas of focus and expertise: Flight and Test Support, Engineering Development and Software Development. Seasoned RDA leaders will manage RDA’s efforts in each of these areas. 

The RDA People Who Will Lead in Our New Structure 

Ron Hidde, RDA Project Engineer and Manager for Aircraft Testing and Integration, will now serve as manager of Flight and Test Support out of the Lexington Park, Maryland site. Ron joined RDA in October 2015 as a Project Engineer and Manager for the Aircraft Test and Integration efforts in support of acoustic programs in Patuxent River, Maryland. Ron provides program and project management, engineering and technology development, design and integration support, test planning, test support, and flight operations services in support of Acoustic Systems Division AC15000, Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division (NAWCAD), and PMA-264 for the P-8A Poseidon Acoustic Mission Systems. Ron has thirty-seven years of combined experience in Naval aviation, with proven success in maintenance management, systems integration, Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) and Mission Success.

Engineer Greg Niehaus will serve as Manager of Engineering Development based out of RDA’s Doylestown, Pennsylvania site. Greg began working at RDA immediately after graduating as an electrical engineer, and has been working to serve the Navy’s ASW capabilities for over 11 years. In his systems engineering role, Greg has had the opportunity to work on every stage of the sonobuoy development process. His testing experience ranges from unit bench tests and progresses to data gathering events on the Navy’s P-8 aircraft.

Rob Kunz will become RDA’s Manager of Software Development out of the Warrenton, Virginia site. Rob graduated with an MS in Computer Science in 2001 and has worked in ASW ever since. He started his career doing signal processing software on submarines, then transitioned to SURTASS and IUSS/SOSUS with various side projects along the way. During that time, Ron spent 7 years as a Project Manager over SURTASS and IUSS programs. Since joining RDA in 2016, he has spent the majority of his time working on the LCAP system software. Ron is P3/P8 flight certified and has participated in several P8 LCAP test events around the world. In his spare time he is a “weekend warrior” who enjoys being outdoors, engaging in hobbies including hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing as often as possible.

Ensuring a smooth transition and ongoing efficiency, ​​​​​​​Tina Greaves will take on the role of Operations Manager for RDA. Tina has been with RDA for 3 years and was instrumental in facilitating the acquisition’s integration of our two companies. Tina started at RDA as the Office Manager for Doylestown, Pennsylvania. In her new role, Tina has expanded her responsibilities to include becoming the FSO (Facility Security Officer) for the Doylestown site as well as purchasing, procurement and customer reporting.

RDA has made these restructuring decisions with our clients in mind, for the specific purpose of optimizing our operations to continue to deliver the results the mission requires. By leveraging our best asset, our people, we will provide optimal service as our organization brings our years of experience to continue to develop and implement cutting-edge technology. 

How To Learn More About RDA’s Work

As RDA looks to the future, we look forward to continuing to develop, implement, and support the technology that keeps the U.S. Navy’s operations strong. Our Mission Software Solutions help our clients’ reach their goals in an efficient and secure manner. Contact us today to learn more about our services.