Quality Culture at SDi

“Quality” is a term too frequently used to promote products and services without delivering high-value results.

At SDi, we know that true quality drives innovation, produces exceptional results, and builds trustworthy relationships among our team and our clients. That’s why we’ve embedded quality into the very culture of our organization. Everything that we do, from our internal operations to our service standards, is built on our dedication to true quality.

Making quality integral to our processes sets us apart from our industry competitors and gives us a critical edge in providing a positive, enriching culture for our team, as well as an essential service to our clients.

Army aerospace engineers work on unmanned aerial vehicle

Continuous Feedback

At SDi, we know that constructive, continuous feedback is crucial. By providing our employees with ample opportunities to bring their ideas, insights, and concerns to the table, we’re able to maintain an organization that relies upon continual optimization and self-awareness.

End-to-End Professionalism

In an organization that truly values quality, all client communications should maintain precision, value, and formality. SDi’s quality culture would not be complete if we did not embed end-to-end professionalism in every rung of a project’s development and execution. Every document and communication we produce for our clients—from initial introductions and first drafts, to finalized projects and contract wrap-ups—demonstrates our team’s dedication to detail, as well as our respect for our clients’ projects and goals.

Quality and Customer Assurance

Client-facing quality assurance is the ultimate culmination of any culture of quality. In today’s high-stakes technology solutions market, clients’ tolerance for quality inconsistencies is reasonably non-existent. When test-driven development and other strategies fail to identify lapses in quality during the production process, SDi’s customer assurance services quickly and efficiently remediate difficulties, easing their burden across our team.

Comprehensive Change Management

Changes within a workplace can have a major impact on the quality of work that’s produced. However, with proper management, communication, and preparation in place, change can ultimately help an organization become better than before. By instituting comprehensive change management practices for both minor and critical events, SDi allows quality to thrive throughout transitional periods within our company, enabling our team to succeed despite any unforeseen circumstances or roadblocks.

Agile Test-Driven Development

The principles behind test-driven development (TDD) with regard to software also lay the groundwork for a widely applicable strategy that promotes constant assessment, testing, and calibration throughout the development process. Rather than taking a retroactive approach to any failures, issues, or vulnerabilities, SDi’s adoption of agile test-driven development allows us to pinpoint these areas as starting places to strengthen the quality of our offerings and results.

ISO 9001 Certified Badge

SDi’s ISO 9001 Certification

In earning our 9001 Certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), we have received global recognition for our dedication to quality in both our internal and external operations. Thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality management and integrity, we were able to earn this highly sought-after quality management certification after an intensive evaluation process in early 2021.

This certification is just one of the many ways we demonstrate to our clients, stakeholders, and employees that SDi prioritizes true quality above all else.

Experience Our Quality Culture

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