How to Prove You’re an Indispensable Cybersecurity Professional via LinkedIn

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Today, many recruiters looking to hire cybersecurity professionals are turning to LinkedIn for prospective candidates. When recruiters conduct LinkedIn searches, they carefully look over a professional’s profile to get an idea if it is worth reaching out to them to begin a conversation.

With so many cybersecurity professionals actively engaged on LinkedIn, what ways can a professional make their profile stand out and catch the attention of industry recruiters?

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out From the Crowd

Past Technical Experience

When recruiters look at a cyber professional’s LinkedIn profile, they are looking for hands-on technical skills. Even if a position is more senior or executive in nature, it is still essential for a professional to demonstrate technical skills such as coding or programming languages. Cyber professionals should include full job descriptions in their profiles complete with their technical experience explicitly stated and explained.

Demonstrated Knowledge of “In-Demand” Skills and Experience in Cybersecurity

Within the cyber community, specific skills and experience are in-demand. Areas such as vulnerability management and expertise in dealing with cyberattacks are at the top of recruiters’ wish lists. Thus, it is imperative that if a professional has any experience in these high-demand areas, they must make sure this information is highly visible on their profile, and not just lumped in with the rest of their overall experience.

Put Your Certifications on Display

Regardless of the many differing opinions on the value of IT certifications, it is hard not to acknowledge how important they have become in the tech industry, especially in the recruitment of cyber professionals. Certifications such as the CISSP, CISM, and OSCP have become critical checkboxes for recruiters looking for new talent. Furthermore, per a Global Knowledge Survey, 83 percent of IT professionals hold an IT certification. It is essential for cyber professionals to list all their certifications and ensure they are easily visible on their profile.

Show You Network Within Your Industry

Having employees with access to an extensive network provides organizations a broader pool for future talent, access to a wider range of vendors, and relationships with potential new clients with whom the professional may have worked in the past. Additionally, a professional who networks and belongs to industry associations will have a better handle on industry trends, new skills, and new technology that may help the employer stay current and more competitive. For cyber professionals looking to acknowledge their networking ability, it is best to list all industry associations they belong to on their profile, along with getting endorsements from colleagues.

Looking Toward the Future

A LinkedIn profile can be an essential asset for a cyber professional. Thus, it is critical this career asset is in the best shape possible to gain the attention of recruiters. A few simple tweaks such as describing technical experience, listing certifications, and showing networking ability can go a long way to making a profile shine.

If a cyber professional wants to maximize their potential in the job market, it is time to reach out to a professional recruiter. At Sentient Digital, Inc., we recruit top cyber talent for the defense industry. Contact a defense industry recruiter today to learn more!