How Are Military Operations Integrating Cyber?

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Cyber has become a significant influence on the military and defense community. However, while many military personnel are focused on cyber, many are not, even though it can impact their work and mission. So, how is the U.S. military incorporating cyber into the entire command and in what ways is this being accomplished?

Cyber Integration: A Cohesive Strategy of Education, Training, and Partnership

Cyber Education That Includes Other Military Specialties

The Army is making a huge push to integrate various military specialties in their cyber training programs. At the Army Cyber Center and School in Fort Gordon, the command has made an effort to ensure soldiers are being trained and educated across the command. For example, a soldier who focuses on cyber should also have a working knowledge of other specialties such as military or signals intelligence. This new philosophy will produce cyber-trained soldiers throughout the Army who will require a minimal introduction to assigned units no matter the unit’s mission.

Cyber Integrated Into Training Exercises

Within combat and training exercises, Army CEMA (Cyber-Electromagnetic Activities) personnel are being utilized to train non-cyber-focused soldiers on the impact cyber has on their areas of expertise. This integration allows all soldiers, including those on the ground, to recognize how cyber can influence and improve their work and mission.

Partnership With Industry to Better Integrate Cyber

As the military continues to incorporate cyber into their missions and readiness, the need for diverse cyber experience is required. To achieve this goal, the military is integrating the defense contractor community into their cyber solution. By reaching out and partnering with defense contractors, the military can access new technology and expertise. This partnership will allow the integration of the best of cyber into the military for years to come.

Moving Forward

Cyber has not only challenged the civilian world, but has also dramatically impacted the military community. As technology evolves, the focus on cyber is expanding to reach all units within the military. For the military and contractors alike, it is necessary to understand how cyber integration is being conducted within units to best provide solutions and services to ensure mission success.

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