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A businessman at an interview. Sit down with Sentient Digital, Inc. today to talk government staffing solutions.Reaching your greatest potential as an organization requires a range of highly skilled staff. According to a 2017 report from Inavero, 76% of U.S. hiring managers surveyed believe access to high-level talent is critical for their success. The vast majority of hiring managers also reported that sourcing quality staff had become increasingly difficult. For federal agencies subject to stricter hiring rules and restrictions, it can be even harder to find the government staffing solutions they need.

Many organizations struggle because they’re operating with gaps in their skill sets, yet they lack the time and resources to fill positions with qualified candidates. One solution that has been gaining popularity is flexible workers, such as freelancers, temporary employees, and workers from staffing agencies. In fact, 48% of companies surveyed indicated they take advantage of a flexible workforce.

Acquiring missing skill sets and filling gaps in your workforce doesn’t need to disrupt your daily operations. At Sentient Digital, Inc., we work with your team to learn about your objectives and challenges. Then, we match your organization with members of our own high-performing staff to help achieve your goals.

Sentient Digital, Inc. offers you all the benefits of a flexible workforce and more. We utilize broad connections, efficient systems, and our thorough understanding of government processes to provide government agencies with the right staff to meet their needs. By lending our own quality staff to your projects, we can assure you of our ongoing commitment to effective placement.

Whether your organization is seeking additional staff to complete a specific project or meet an increase in demand, Sentient Digital, Inc. can provide the specialized workers you need, right when you need them.

Benefits of Contingent Staffing

A businessperson confidently walking away. Learn about the benefits of our government staffing solutions.A contingent staff member is a temporary worker brought onto your team to complete a project or work for a set period of time. New employees require training and development, two things your organization lacks in the midst of a large project or demand spike. Our contingent staff possess specialized skill sets in a range of industries, and they arrive equipped to tackle your program’s objectives and troubleshoot systems.

A study conducted by Edelman Berland found that 34% of the United States’ workforce is involved in freelancing—including contingent staffing—and they lend $715 billion of their earnings to the national economy. When polled about their satisfaction with the work and talent contributed by their team, hiring managers reported that such workers yielded a higher rate of return than newly hired staff. This growing workforce is ripe for providing government staffing solutions to organizations across the country.

What else makes a flexible workforce so appealing? Take a look at these top reasons why hiring decision-makers prefer to use contingent staff.


1. Avoiding Tax Headaches

When you bring on contingent staff members who are paid by a staffing agency rather than your organization, you are free from all tax responsibilities for those members. Sentient Digital, Inc. remains the Employer of Record (EOR) for our team members. Without a company willing and prepared to assume EOR responsibilities, recruiters often need six months to prepare EOR services for their contingent staff. Working with SDi eliminates slow downs and needless frustrations. We retain responsibility for our staff’s employment taxes while they’re being outsourced.


2. Conserving Valuable Resources

In order to attract and retain high-caliber, full-time staff, employers must offer competitive benefits packages and promotional opportunities. As temporary workers, SDi’s contingent staff members do not require such lures from your organization. Sentient Digital, Inc. already offers our team benefits packages and rewards employees for their strong work ethic. If vacation time, holiday pay, or sick days are required for our workers, we handle these expenses. When you use SDi’s government staffing solutions, the only thing your organization pays for is the services rendered.


3. Enjoying Greater Flexibility

SDi’s contingent staffing solutions liberate your organization from time-consuming administrative duties. When you’re in the midst of a dense workload, the last thing you need is to be bogged down by additional payroll and Human Resources tasks. We handle these responsibilities for our contingent staff so you don’t have to.

In addition, our team assists with projects and work during peak seasons, freeing your organization from limiting schedules. Because our contingent workers already have employment, they don’t require a consistent number of hours like full-time employees do. SDi’s government staffing solutions operate on a simple principle: we lend you our staff when they’re needed, and we take them back once their work is complete.

Why Use SDi’s Government Staffing Solutions?

A woman looking at a man's computer monitor where he's programming and discussing it with him. Learn more about our government staffing solutions.
In addition to all the benefits of using contingent staff, Sentient Digital, Inc. offers unique value to government agencies in need of workers.


1. Maintaining Your Work Culture

At SDi, we understand that a highly skilled team is only operable if they are capable of working together. Even temporary workers must abide by the rules and systems that are in place to maintain an effective work culture. Sentient Digital, Inc. hires staff who are capable of completing tasks independently, while also working collectively to achieve objectives.

As a veteran-owned company with numerous staff members who have served in the military and worked with the government, SDi is well equipped to find the right match for your organization. We take into account a worker’s skills as well as cultural fit when providing contingent staff to ensure the highest possible return on investment.


2. Utilizing a Broad Network

Our highly skilled and diverse staff has worked across industries and borders, providing solutions to more than ten countries spanning three continents. We possess a comprehensive view of the global market and insight on current trends in government I.T. Not only that, but we have built a strong network by working across disciplines and taking a hands-on approach to everything we do. Sentient Digital, Inc. aids our partners in the design, integration, development, installation, configuration, testing, and ongoing support of systems in a variety of I.T. fields.

SDi employees gain knowledge as well as resources by consistently expanding their personal networks through their contingent staffing work. Our staff specializes in everything from I.T. to administration, program and project management, accounting, and more.

As leaders in the development of enterprise I.T. infrastructure, our staff has also worked with emerging technologies in the I.T. field before they are adopted. Our involvement with data fusion and analytics, command and control systems, cyber systems, intelligence systems, and mission-oriented systems provides personal connections to the leading professionals in these fields. When you take advantage of our government staffing solutions, you’re not just getting a high-performing staff member—you’re gaining personal connections and greater access within your industry.


3. Hiring Top-Quality Candidates

Sentient Digital, Inc. is able to offer you the best government staffing solutions because we hire the best. Our team possesses exemplary verbal and technical skills, bridging the gap between the communication and execution of technical strategies. We remain abreast of trends in organizational tools and applications as well. Our staff are equipped to integrate new technologies into your operation and troubleshoot errors in existing systems.

In anticipation of the Department of Defense’s upcoming switch to automated security compliance, we have educated ourselves on NIST 800-171’s extensive security requirements ensuring safe file sharing. We are also well-versed in the utilization of FedRAMP, FISMA, and the latest C4ISR strategies. SDi’s staff can aid your organization in acquiring these systems if desired, or, as avid learners with a wide range of knowledge, we are equipped to work within your pre-established systems.


4. Providing Certified StaffSomeone stamping a piece of paper to certify it. Find certified staff with our government staffing solutions.Many members of our staff possess the security clearances that are essential for government work, allowing them to start working for your organization immediately. In addition, our I.T. professionals and technicians have a variety of certifications in their field, such as:

These certifications can offer your organization peace of mind and assurance of the advanced, up-to-date skills of our contingent staff.


5. Understanding Government Processes

According to the American Staffing Association, “The staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry makes a vital contribution to the U.S. economy, and provides outstanding job and career opportunities for nearly 17 million employees per year.” The workforce solutions industry is oversaturated with staffing organizations, but few are closely linked to the U.S. government and know how to navigate government processes.

As a veteran-owned company that has experience working with the government, Sentient Digital, Inc. understands how the U.S. government operates. Recently, we were awarded a five-year indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity $49M contract with the U.S. Navy to provide cutting-edge information technology engineering support to the Military Sealift Command. Contracting with the U.S. military keeps our team abreast of the government’s needs and trends.

Contact SDi for Strategic Government Staffing Solutions

At Sentient Digital, Inc., we build a strategy to help you reach your goals with the right people, skills and competencies, when and where you need them. Our contingent staff uses its broad connections and industry knowledge to complete the project or task at hand quickly and efficiently. We also save your organization time and resources by eliminating the need for you to handle the tax responsibilities, benefits, and HR duties associated with new staff.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide personalized government staffing solutions for your organization.