The Emerging Role of Data, Analytics, and AI in the Defense Industry

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Artificial intelligence and data analytics continue to transform multiple industries within the private sector, and a similar disruption is also taking place in the defense industry. The use-cases for these technology innovations are wide-ranging. Applications include everything from improved information security to the faster analysis of threats on the battlefield.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the impacts being made by machine learning and data analytics within the defense sector. Leverage these insights to better prepare your company for new project work using these emerging high-tech innovations.

Improved Surveillance Provided by Drones

AI-powered drones provide forces with better surveillance inside a warzone. While drone technology isn’t leading-edge from a military standpoint, recent enhancements in AI let these unmanned vehicles accomplish more critical tasks. This includes battlefield reconnaissance, searching for lost or injured soldiers, and improving warzone communications. Many of these functions – especially reconnoitering – use data analytics for increased efficacy.

Robotic Soldiers Offer Assistance on the Modern Battlefield

As robotic technology continues to mature, one natural progression involves using robots as a form of battlefield weaponry. When powered by AI, they are able to assist soldiers with search and rescue operations, IED detection and removal, or even firepower support. This is one area of military technology expected to see additional innovations over the coming decades.

Enhanced Battlefield Awareness Powered by Data Analytics

With smart drones and robots acting in concert with other sensors to collect information inside a warzone, making actionable sense of all this data becomes paramount. Machine-learning algorithms analyze this information creating an improved form of situational awareness. This allows commanders to make the right tactical decisions to achieve battlefield superiority with fewer casualties and collateral damage.

Better Cybersecurity for Military Applications

In a similar manner as the private sector, advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are providing enhanced information security on the battlefield and at military installations outside of a warzone. Cybersecurity applications using AI include malware detection and removal, as well as preventing denial of service attacks on the data centers and web portals used by the military as well as government agencies.

Ultimately, the pace of these data analytics and artificial intelligence innovations is only expected to increase. As such, expect many project opportunities for forward-looking IT companies serving the defense industry.

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