How to Effectively Market Your IT Jobs to Recent Grads

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With graduation ceremonies taking place across the country in the next month, that means one thing: about 1.9 million new grads entering the job market.

Hiring new grads can be a great benefit to an organization. They are young, tech-savvy, full of energy, and ready to work! However, with a robust employment market and many options for new grads, how does a company stand out from the rest of the competition?

How to Successfully Market Your Company to New Grads

Use Social Media

For companies looking to attract new grads, the use of social media is critical. Make sure that your company is present on all major platforms. Ensure that your brand, optics, and messaging are uniform across the platforms you use. Post not only job openings but also videos and other content about your company, culture, and currents project to entice new grads.

Ensure Your Job Application Process is Modern

Today’s new college grads, especially IT grads, are hip to tech. A recent Jobvite survey found that 47% of millennials feel that they should be able to apply for a job using their mobile device. Thus, ensure that your application is available for mobile devices and that any attachments needed can be photographed with a camera phone.

Connect with Universities

The best way to target new grads is to go to the place they are before graduation: college campuses. Establish relationships with academic departments that most align with your core business. Volunteer to host lectures or discussions on topics where your company has subject matter expertise. This is a great way to recruit potential employees. Also, reach out to the university career office and inquire about career fairs. Career fairs can be an excellent way to make your company known among students and academic representatives.

Market Your Culture and Perks

When speaking with a new grad about your company, be sure to sell your company culture and perks. Per a 2016 Jobvite Survey, “millennial job seekers tend to care less about compensation and work/life balance as opposed to “perks”–such as the ability to work remotely, or having access to a kitchen stocked with free snacks.” Also, when presenting your culture to new grads, it is best to demonstrate the talent present within your organization. This exposure to your culture and people will hopefully inspire and motivate new grads to want to be surrounded by professionals who can engage and mentor them.

Bringing New Grads into the Fold

Hiring new grads can be a great benefit to an organization. However, with historic low unemployment, new grads have many options before them. In order to stand out from the competition, it is best to make your company as attractive as possible to the millennial audience. By using social media, connecting with universities, and selling your perks and corporate culture it can go a long way to appealing to new grads.

Partner with IT Recruiting Experts

If an organization needs assistance reaching new grads, its best to contact a professional recruiter. At Sentient Digital, Inc., we are experts in recruiting talented young professionals. Contact our top defense recruiters today to learn more!