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A visualization of a digitized face overlaid with data, representing machine learning in data management

Machine Learning in Data Management

Industry Expertise, News
Leveraging machine learning in data management allows you to better utilize the data you track. Learn more about its capabilities and limits.
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A military drone swarm

Military Drone Swarm Intelligence Explained

News, Innovative Solutions
Applying the principles of swarm intelligence learned in nature to the military context means that a drone operator does not have to precisely control every movement or every drone within…
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An employee logging into a VPN on their laptop, serving as an example of using a VPN for government work

Using a VPN for Government Agencies

News, Industry Expertise
If your agency has done any research on cybersecurity lately, especially as remote work has become more  prevalent, you have probably seen people discussing the various pros and cons of…
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RDA, Inc. developed a sonobuoy test, development and evaluation product that allows for rapid low-cost prototyping.