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Advanced Technologies & Innovation

ATI is our systems development hub for creating advanced software systems. Specializing in underwater acoustics, DSP, and engineering R&D, our experts develop tailored solutions to meet critical operational needs. This unit’s expertise comes from a combination of electrical, computer and mechanical engineers, and physicists along with mission flight support personnel to provide operational support of our products during customer missions. ATI takes an idea from hypotheses to a technical readiness level capable of early lifecycle development demonstration and through its rapid prototyping capability; combining our software, electro-mechanical components and embedded components to advance product development to realistic operational testing and evaluation.
Domains: Sea, Land, Cyber, Air
Products: SeaSight, SwiftLook, RDAPS, RFICS, LCAP

Unmanned and Autonomous Systems

SDi is at the forefront of delivering state-of-the-art unmanned systems equipped with cutting-edge navigation, communications, and surveillance technologies, making them ideal for a variety of defense applications.

Advanced Software Systems

RDA stands as a trusted partner for NAVAIR, NAVSEA, ONR, and DARPA in advancing sonobuoy technology through our software systems and systems development. We have developed a multitude of processing algorithms, custom OMI, and RF collection and antenna performance baselines, providing government customers, end-users, and OEMs with unmatched levels of detail and performance improvement analytics. RDA remains at the leading edge of ASW, creating and defining up-and-coming Maritime Domain Awareness tactics and capabilities.

Systems Engineering and Innovation

RDA’s commitment to innovation, coupled with a deep understanding of naval requirements and systems engineering pedigree, positions us as a key contributor to the evolution of underwater surveillance capabilities. What sets us apart is the exceptional concentration of critical acoustical engineering skills and experience within RDA’s technical team—a distinctive expertise that stands unrivaled in the industry.

Our unique capabilities have been honed through providing pivotal technical leadership in some of the Navy’s most advanced sonar programs. This wealth of experience enables us to offer unparalleled insights and solutions, solidifying RDA’s role as a go-to partner for pushing the boundaries of systems engineering in the realm of underwater surveillance.

Operational Testing and Validation

RDA engineers perform integration and testing of our systems on a variety of aircraft platforms, such as the P-8A, P-3C, MV-22, C-130, ground stations and other R&D and APB efforts for the naval fleet. We have supported hundreds of flight tests and modifications during developmental and operational test cycles, providing validation and verification of performance and specifications for multiple generations of sonobuoys, sonobuoy receivers, and acoustic processing systems. Our capabilities in this critical domain ensure the reliability, functionality, and performance of these platforms in real-world operational scenarios.

Our Other Business Units

Integrated Defense Solutions

IDS provides comprehensive systems engineering and integration services; bringing together technologies, hardware, and software to design effective solutions to meet the mission needs of our customers. IDS leads systems through the full systems engineering lifecycle—define, design, develop, integrate, test, implement, operate, maintain—to include security engineering throughout all phases.

Aerospace & Special Missions

A premier unit dedicated to mastering the skies with state-of-the-art aerospace technology, custom engineering solutions, and specialized airborne mission capabilities, including the integration and development of autonomy and unmanned systems.

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