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Integrated Defense Solutions

IDS provides comprehensive systems engineering and integration services; bringing together technologies, hardware, and software to design effective solutions to meet the mission needs of our customers. IDS leads systems through the full systems engineering lifecycle—conceive, design, develop, deploy, sustain, transition—to include security engineering throughout all phases.
Domains: Air, Cyber, Land, Sea
Products: Red Emergence, Fleet Emergence, Ultron Emergent, Strike Collective, Solution Delivery Playbook

ITSM | IT Engineering Services

SDi’s ITSM framework ensures efficient delivery of IT services focused on meeting the expectation of our clients.  Our solution is rooted in best practices that prioritize client satisfaction, service improvement, cost efficiency, risk management and services stability.  Our ITSM platforms are comprised of a service desk, incident and problem management, change and release management, service level and configuration management and IT asset management to automate and integrate service management tasks to enhance decision-making through analytics and optimize service outcomes.

IT Systems Engineering & Integration

SDi provides comprehensive systems engineering and integration services, seamlessly bringing together technologies, hardware, and software to craft effective solutions that meet our customers’ responsive mission needs, fostering agility and efficiency.  Our service offerings encompass requirements development, architecture development, system integration, and risk management. Our team of experts delivers turn-key solutions for new requirements and upgrade solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Enterprise Architecture

SDi’s Enterprise Architecture (EA) Methodology allows development from a top-down, strategy-driven, business-oriented perspective as well as bottom-up data, systems, and services viewpoint. This allows for rapid parallel architectural development that is easily integrated with repeatable processes. These repeatable processes have been refined through previous architectural development efforts and are ubiquitously woven throughout the fabric of our work environment.

Model Based Systems Engineering

Our team facilitates enhanced communication and collaboration to ensure a clear understanding of the system requirements, design, and functionality through MBSE (model-based system engineering). From concept to delivered product our team leverages the MBSE paradigm to manage complexity, improve quality, and reduce risks in the development of complex systems by providing a structured and visual approach to systems engineering. 

By combining EA and MBSE, SDI takes a holistic approach to solution development that considers both the enterprise context and the detailed system design. This helps ensure that the resulting solution is aligned with business goals, is technically sound, and can evolve gracefully over time as the enterprise’s needs change.


We design cyber mission assurance systems by strengthening defensive capabilities through advanced protective technologies and integrating cybersecurity into the overall mission strategy of an organization.  Aligned with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and other mandatory customer standards, our certified cybersecurity professionals use a Risk Management Framework (RMF) to identify, assess, manage, and mitigate risks through a systematic approach to integrating security and risk management activities into the life cycle of a system or project.  Our approach to cyber mission assurance ensures that critical operations remain uninterrupted and secure from cyber threats.


SDi is driven to develop wargames for the US military as a means to leverage cutting-edge technology in enhancing strategic decision-making and operational readiness. By simulating complex combat scenarios, these wargames provide invaluable insights and training opportunities, ensuring that military personnel are better prepared for the multifaceted challenges of modern warfare.

Our Other Business Units

Aerospace & Special Missions

A premier unit dedicated to mastering the skies with state-of-the-art aerospace technology, custom engineering solutions, and specialized airborne mission capabilities, including the integration and development of autonomy and unmanned systems.

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