Will a Security Clearance Boost My IT Career?

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There comes a time in the career of most technology professionals when a job opportunity requires you to have a security clearance. This happens on a fairly regularly basis when working in the defense industry or government IT. In fact, articles on security clearances remain among the most popular here at the Sentient Digital, Inc. blog.

Here are a few reasons why acquiring a security clearance is a necessity for any IT pro looking for the widest array of job opportunities. The below benefits are worthy of consideration in making a well-informed decision on whether or not to pursue securing a security clearance.

The Demand for Cleared IT Professionals Remains High

Due to the shrinking talent pool and delays in the security clearance process, opportunities abound for tech pros with a current and active security clearance. In fact, it makes perfect sense to go ahead and earn one, even if you aren’t currently looking for an IT job where it’s a requirement. You never know when your situation might change, and it’s better to get a clearance now if you anticipate working in government or defense IT in the future.

Earn a Higher Salary with a Security Clearance

According to a recent study, IT pros with a Secret clearance earn a nearly 6 percent higher salary compared to those without one. That number increases to almost 13 percent for those with a Top-Secret security clearance. Jim Gerretson, a CEO in the government IT business sector, commented on the higher pay for security-cleared tech pros.

“Generally speaking, it’s in the 10-20% range of increased salary. Even for just a public trust, if you are going to the same agency, it’s probable that you will get some benefit. Active TS/SCI/Poly in the same agency will see the biggest boost,” commented Gerretson.

A More Robust Benefits Package

In addition to a higher salary, IT professionals working for companies serving the defense and government IT sector also enjoy better job benefits. Relocation assistance and on-site daycare helps workers with families. Tuition reimbursement provides a career ladder for technology pros looking to further their education. The availability of a transit subsidy definitely helps those tech pros commuting in the nation’s capital.

The Importance of Having a Critical Mission

A recent survey of security-cleared tech professionals revealed the importance of meaningful work. The relevance of the mission-critical work being performed by those in government IT cannot be overstated. Earning a security clearance helps you truly make a difference when your country needs it. Ultimately, becoming a security-cleared tech professional is your ticket for career-long success and fulfillment.

When you need additional insights on building a rewarding career in government IT, speak with the knowledgeable recruiters at Sentient Digital, Inc.. We can provide great advice on earning your security clearance.