A handshake signifying that Sentient Digital, Inc. acquires DoD contractor, RDA, Inc.

Sentient Digital, Inc. Acquires DoD Contractor RDA, Inc

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Sentient Digital, Inc. (SDi), formerly operating as Entrust Government Solutions, has acquired RDA, Inc., a high technology contractor that provides the Department of Defense with systems engineering and software development services. As of June 1, 2021 RDA will function under the umbrella of Sentient Digital, but will continue to operate as a separate entity. While the day-to-day operations of SDi will remain largely unchanged, we are excited for the new opportunities and benefits this acquisition will bring to our organization.

The unique technical skills and specializations that RDA is bringing to the table are complementary to our own, increasing our value to clients and our opportunities for growth. Meanwhile, RDA can expect improved automation and streamlining of key processes as it migrates to SDi’s robust systems for time and expense, project management, accounting, contracts management, vendor management and purchasing, and talent management.

With this purchase, we look forward to expanding our customer base, developing our organizational expertise, and taking advantage of synergies in customers, locations, market position, and more. As SDi continues to expand, we also expect to hire more candidates as both our organization’s and our clients’ needs evolve. Keep reading for more information about this acquisition and what it means for our company, our clients, and candidates looking to grow their careers.

About Sentient Digital, Inc.

Sentient Digital, Inc. is a veteran-owned business headquartered in New Orleans, LA with a satellite hub in Norfolk, VA, where we service the Navy’s Military Sealift Command (MSC). With our approximately 50 employees, we provide technology solutions to both federal and commercial clients. SDi specializes in providing mission-focused engineering to support DoD agencies in Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) services in both prime and subcontractor positions.

SDi seeks to solve the technology challenges organizations face with our essential technical expertise, as well as innovative products and services. We run the gamut from cybersecurity to cloud, software development, systems engineering, artificial intelligence, and more. With an agile mindset and flexible, aggressive delivery approach, we provide crucial value and results to our clients.

In 2019, SDi, dba Entrust Government Solutions, won a five-year, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract from the U.S. Navy to provide IT engineering support to the Military Sealift Command. To date, we have executed a variety of projects under this contract, spanning across systems engineering, life cycle management, and cybersecurity engineering.

Demonstrably, our acquisition of RDA promotes SDi’s current goals and priorities, while also bolstering our ability to acquire prominent government contracts.

About RDA, Inc.

Founded in 1986 by Richard Dator, RDA, Inc. is a high technology company that provides extensive system and software engineering support to the Navy’s Airborne Acoustic Processing Programs, specializing in signal processing for Navy Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) applications. Comprising approximately 20 employees, RDA has locations in Doylestown, PA; Warrenton, VA; and Lexington Park, MD.

RDA boasts a unique concentration of mission essential acoustic engineering skills, including design and prototyping services, R&D services, acoustic analysis systems, digital acoustic enhancement, digital signal processing (DSP), and systems engineering. In 2020, RDA was chosen to provide continued R&D for the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division under a $19.98M order. Work under this order, which includes R&D efforts for ASW and underwater warfare, is expected to last until September of 2025.

Check out this graphic or keep reading to see what Chris Mobley, SDi's President, had to say about the team at RDA.

RDA’s reputation for quality has not gone unnoticed by SDi’s President, Chris Mobley, who said, “The fantastic team of RDA has a long-standing history supporting the United States Armed Forces and our nation’s security.” RDA’s complementary areas of expertise, along with a shared culture of quality, makes the company an excellent fit with our own.

Key Benefits of This Acquisition

Many exciting advantages are anticipated to stem from our acquisition of RDA. This move not only brings in competencies that will serve to enhance those already present at SDi, but also brings with it new experience and specialties that will allow for the expansion of SDi’s client base. Our growth will position SDi as a highly valuable and essential part of our clients’ businesses, a key goal of our organization.

Check out this graphic or keep reading to see what Chris Mobley, SDi's President, had to say about SDi's acquisition of RDA.

“This acquisition aligns to our goals of expanding our customer base and building organizational expertise,” said our President, Chris Mobley. “Further, this deal supports our vision of becoming essential to our customers through continued organic growth of capabilities, targeted IP acquisitions, and new operating models that inspire innovation to create differentiated products and services for our customers.”

Making Us More Essential to Clients

The acquisition of RDA was a strategic move to support our aim to become an indispensable asset to each of our customers. When developing partnerships, SDi seeks out organizations with capabilities that will both complement and advance our own.

Equally crucial is the reliability and speed of our deliverables. We pride ourselves on handling each client’s needs comprehensively and in a timely manner. With the additional value we gain from RDA, we will be able to fulfill these needs even more effectively. We recognize that the more support we are able to offer our customers, the more they will value our contributions.

Giving Us a Synergetic Boost

A major benefit for both of our companies is the synergies this acquisition provides in customers, locations, and market position. By diversifying our offerings and expanding our presence across five combined locations in Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, we can grow our customer base, contracts, and reputation for comprehensive, quality work.

Allowing Us to Build a Larger Customer Base

In addition to better serving our existing clients, the aforementioned synergies between our organizations will allow SDi to expand to new markets and take on new clients. Purchasing RDA introduces SDi and our clients to the distinctive, impressive sonar and acoustic engineering for which RDA has been sought after and lauded.

Further, with additional staff to support our efforts, we will have more manpower than ever before. This will empower us to take on more projects without having to sacrifice the quality of work we deliver on any of our current obligations.

Increasing Our Competitiveness

Technology is constantly evolving, with new discoveries and breakthroughs that make our world that much more advanced. In the interest of being part of that innovation, SDi is continually building up our own organization’s expertise. As we continue to grow, we will become a more competitive force in the areas of technology solutions and defense contracting.

The niche talents and attributes that RDA possess firmly places SDi apart from our competitors. With our longstanding commitment to skills development, we can ensure that SDi maintains a competitive edge in the IT field and keeps up with our clients’ evolving challenges and needs.

Creating Opportunities for Our Team

We are also excited for the benefits this acquisition will bring to our team members. Employees will have increased exposure to new customers, contracts, and learning opportunities as a result of SDi’s recent expansion. Not only will this offer our employees enhanced career opportunities and advancements, but also the chance to work and gain experience in new locations.

Progress Your Projects or Professional Development with Sentient Digital

Through our unparalleled technical acumen and dedication to growth, SDi has become a chief contender in the arenas of defense contracting and technical engineering. Our acquisition of RDA is a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to develop new areas of expertise to reinforce our outstanding reputation.

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