Everything to Expect From This Week’s 17th Annual C4ISRNET Conference


On May 10, at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View, the 17th Annual C4ISRNET Conference will bring together military leaders, industry partners and government officials to discuss the future of battlefield technologies that are driving the DoD’s future. The conference agenda is full of fascinating topics that are sure to inform and inspire. Here are a couple of conference highlights:

Conference Highlight #1: Artificial Intelligence: Changing Warfare

AI could substantially change the way we think about warfare technology. AI is driven by machine learning and data mining. With AI technology, human error is removed as machines utilize data to find patterns and predict outcomes. However, there is much debate about a possible bias existing within this technology since AI findings are based on data that is supplied to them by humans who are capable of bias. How AI will change the landscape of warfare is still uncertain, but it must be considered as a significant driver in future of warfare technology advancements.

Conference Highlight #2: Robotics – Companions on the Battlefield?

The idea of robotics as a warfare tool has advanced significantly. For example, robodogs could be permeant fixtures on the future battlefield. While robotic technology advances, its place in the world is still a subject of debate. In April of this year, the United Nations had discussions regarding Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (LAWS) that covered the use of robots as fighting machines. With this development, it is reasonable to see robotics taking a significant role in the years to come. As robotics technology advances, the possibilities for what will eventually emerge are limitless.

Looking Beyond the Conference

The 17th Annual C4ISRNET Conference will surely be a fascinating and inspiring event. If after attending the conference, you feel ready to move forward with the development of a new product offering, but need a technology solutions provider or the staff to support your vision, turn to the experts at Sentient Digital, Inc..

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