4 Benefits of Partnering With a Small Business Contractor

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Running a technology company – no matter the size – takes a big effort from your managerial team. When faced with a sudden need for a talented IT pro on an important project, working with a subcontractor remains a smart call. They will quickly close a skills gap, without your firm engaging in a full staffing effort that takes valuable time and resources.

Let’s analyze a few benefits of partnering with a small business contractor. Leveraging these insights to keep your organization running efficiently throughout the year will yield a healthy bottom line as the ultimate result.

Increase the Scope of Your Company’s Projects

Contractors provide the means for your company to “right size” itself to take on larger projects. Notably, this is accomplished without hiring new permanent employees, so the organization’s staffing budget isn’t blown out of the water. When the project ends, the subcontractor simply moves on to their next gig.

Quickly Fill a Skills Gap

In addition to larger projects, your organization gains the ability to bid on project work requiring skill sets that aren’t currently retained in-house. Many projects require a company to possess a specific skill to even be able to bid on the work. Don’t let a technical skills gap adversely impact your company’s growth potential.

Being Able to Focus on Running Your Core Business

Constantly trying to source and hire new employees keeps your managers from doing their jobs. Simply calling on a subcontractor when necessary lets the organization focus on running the core business. It’s an approach that contributes to building a successful business over time.

Your managers are able to ensure projects stay on schedule, instead of spending valuable time interviewing a myriad of candidates. This loss in productivity siphons your organization’s profitability.

It’s Simply More Cost Effective

With a subcontractor, the company doesn’t have to pay for benefits or the other costs of a full-time employee. In fact, using a contractor tends to be around 30 percent more cost effective, compared to making a permanent hire for the same role. The company becomes more profitable as a result. The added cost certainty also makes budgetary planning an easier process.

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