Cluster Analysis
Description: SDi has designed a system of mathematical models that use the idea of community structure in complex networks for the foundation for COVID-19 spread prediction and defines the network based on connections between individuals via social media. In addition, the system incorporates not only real-world information, but also insight from a series of connected simulations that model the disease spread in a virtual world.
Primary Objective: SDi is developing Conjecture Covid as a comprehensive tool to both track and predict the spread of COVID-19. Conjecture Covid is designed as a service to be used by public health professionals in the mitigation of disease outbreak and spread.
Innovation: Conjecture Covid utilizes cluster analysis techniques to determine and predict COVID-19 spread by building a virtual model (simulation) that incorporates the concept of Community Structure and envisions the spread of the COVID-19 virus as a network of expanding nodes. This process encapsulates hierarchical clustering and the Girvan-Newman algorithm to associate known clusters to possible locations of new clusters.

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