Fleet Emergence

Fleet Emergence

FLEET EMERGENCE : AI-driven operational decision-making in a naval environment using Bayesian Networks.

It represents a paramount example of LLM AI in modern wargaming, including its role in scenario development, decision support, and strategic planning.

FLEET EMERGENCE represents a paradigm shift in naval wargaming simulation by leveraging the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) layered underneath an Artificial Cognitive Intelligence (ACI) architecture. With its physics-based algorithms and highly developed graphics, Sentient Digital’s platform is a huge step in reshaping naval combat simulations at both the tactical and operational level.

FLEET EMERGENCE provides invaluable training simulations, ultimately enhacing the decision-making process, and enable the Navy to anticipate and respond effectively to rapidly evolving threats and challenges.

Domains: Land, Cyber
Business Units: Integrated Defense Solutions

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