Ultron Emergent

ULTRON EMERGENT: Swarm intelligence Brigade-level modern combat simulation.

ULTRON EMERGENT is a a realistic, real-time simulation environment that advances the development of military swarming by focusing on the integration of Swarm Intelligence into swarm tactics.

ULTRON EMERGENT is an SDi designed “pipeline” of tactical innovation centered around continuous, simulated tactical experimentation. This experimentation concentrates on the development and refinement of two key areas:
The complete integration of the concepts, principles, and algorithms associated with Swarm Intelligence, into tactical problem solving involving the use of swarm tactics.
The codification of emergent tactical behavior, observed in simulation, such that it can be presented to the warfighter as tactical doctrine.

ULTRON EMERGENT is a swarm-intelligence-driven simulation environment that provides a platform and methodology for developing continuous, tactically feasible solutions as the nature and technology associated with modern combat evolves.

Domains: Cyber, Land
Business Units: Integrated Defense Solutions

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