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5 Advantages of Learning Machine Learning

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The many advantages of learning machine learning can launch your career into the future. The capabilities of the IT industry have advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years thanks to machine learning, making it a lucrative field to pursue.

In the not so distant past, machine learning was largely inaccessible to all but the most technically skilled. Now, however, the impact of machine learning is seen far and wide, with many people using it in their daily lives without even realizing it.

As machine learning technology grows in use and popularity, Sentient Digital, like many other companies, is seeking out professionals with machine learning experience. So whether you are a student deciding on a field of study or an IT professional seeking to expand your marketability, check out our thoughts on how you can gain the advantages of learning machine learning.

What Is Machine Learning?

Machine learning is an area of artificial intelligence in which data and algorithms are used to create human-like processing in a computer. Machine learning continues to grow in popularity because of the many benefits it presents to businesses. AI in general and machine learning specifically allow for the optimization of a variety of business operations and can be advantageous in virtually any industry.

Machine learning can be seen in the recommendations our streaming services offer, the quick reply features in email and messaging platforms, advanced weather predictions, and more. Importantly, machine learning saves time and money by streamlining tasks and reducing the amount of direct human involvement needed to complete them. It also helps to cut down on the costs that repeated human error can cause. The technology is being used to improve customer service, too, as its capabilities enable businesses to offer unique customer experiences based on the personal needs of each individual.

5 Advantages of Learning Machine Learning

Check out our infographic with 5 advantages of learning machine learning and keep reading for more details about each.

1. Learning Machine Learning Enhances Your Career Trajectory

The most obvious advantage of learning machine learning is being able to leverage that experience for new opportunities and career advancements. The demand for machine learning adept employees is on the rise. Businesses are actively seeking ways to implement AI and machine learning for their benefit, so a candidate with machine learning capabilities will have higher appeal.

By studying machine learning, you increase your chances of attracting the best employers too, as machine learning becomes a more heavily coveted skill. This means that you may become eligible for roles at companies with quality culture, interesting challenges, better benefits, and higher salary ranges.

The advantages of learning machine learning for those already employed in the IT field include adding a new tool to your problem-solving toolbox and distinguishing you from other professionals in your organization. Having an understanding of machine learning can help you take on projects that others are unable to handle and can help you move up in seniority or find a new role at another company.

2. Machine Learning Skills Can Improve Cybersecurity

Machine learning has the ability to enhance businesses’ approach to cybersecurity. The adaptive nature of machine learning means that it can grow to recognize familiar patterns that happen around cybersecurity breaches.

Cybersecurity methods bolstered by machine learning capabilities are improving in real time, remembering past threats and developing tactics to protect against them in the future. This creates room for cybersecurity providers to respond to real-time threats more easily and efficiently as background and routine processes are optimized.

Employing machine learning in cybersecurity allows companies to focus on and improve other areas of their business, as security handlings are streamlined and require less manpower over time. But to understand and continue to improve the AI and machine learning that strengthens cybersecurity, the industry needs professionals interested in studying machine learning.

Maintaining airtight cybersecurity is of major importance to any organization, making advancements in this area vital and allowing students and job seekers to be greatly advantaged by learning machine learning.

3. Knowledge of Machine Learning Helps Protect Against Financial Fraud

As AI and machine learning continue to advance and accessibility increases, these technologies are being applied in major industries globally, some of which millions of people rely upon. Major financial institutions are now turning to machine learning to help protect their customers from fraud and money laundering. Millions of people still fall victim to identity theft every year, but machine learning can help curb these crimes.

Financial industry giants such as PayPal are designing and employing algorithms powered by deep learning to sift through transactions and identify illegitimate ones—with higher accuracy and better speed than allowed for by previous methods. Over time, these advancements have the potential to save billions of dollars by undercutting the ease with which criminals can commit financially motivated crimes.

Developing machine learning skills can allow entry-level employees in the IT industry to get in on the ground floor of innovative projects like this. Even for those established in their careers, adding machine learning to their repertoire can help them to shape the future of this field and many others.

The security role of machine learning in the financial industry protects businesses and their stakeholders from a wide variety of data breaches. Even if you do not intend to work in the banking industry, a familiarity with the capabilities of machine learning to protect financial information can make you a valuable employee to any company.

4. By Learning Machine Learning, You Can Help Save Lives

Healthcare workers interacting with technology, demonstrating that by learning machine learning, you can advance healthcare and help save lives.

Within the healthcare industry, machine learning is helping medical professionals improve and save patients’ lives. Using machine learning, for example, healthcare providers are able to improve patients’ access to electronic medical records through design improvements to the systems that house them.

Additionally, machine learning has enhanced diagnostic accuracy as well as the quality and availability of medical imaging. It is also being used to preempt the development of certain diseases through the identification and classification of recurring risk factors in currently ailing patients. More accurate and nuanced disease progression models are also being made possible thanks to machine learning.

In 2020, AI and machine learning were used to help fight COVID-19. With their ability to rapidly process and analyze huge amounts of data, these technologies offered unique opportunities to track, diagnose, and treat COVID-19 as more and more information about the virus became available. At SDi, our team researched avenues for using machine learning with a series of mathematical models based on studies of overlapping communities in complex networks to both track current cases of COVID-19 and predict where exactly the virus would spread.

Future efforts of AI implementation in the medical industry are geared towards the development and improvement of vital procedures as well. An advantage of learning machine learning now is that in doing so, you are empowering yourself to assist in the development of life-saving medical advancements that are on the horizon.

5. An Understanding of Machine Learning Is Essential to Remain Technologically Up to Date

Machine learning is only becoming more ingrained in the tech industry. If you are interested in the realm of software engineering, then learning machine learning can help you to stay up to date in your field. Jobs may prioritize applicants with machine learning experience, so having AI knowledge and experience can help put you at the front of the pack.

But the rise of machine learning is affecting jobs within the IT industry in a less obvious way as well. Some have speculated that the spread of technology such as no code AI and low code AI will lead to the extinction of technical engineering roles over time. More likely, however, is that these changes will cause an evolution in the role that tech service providers fill for their clients.

Because artificial intelligence is useful for business but is far from perfect, human engineers will always be necessary for maintenance and continued development of this technology. That means that over time, while technically oriented jobs in a given industry will still be available, their requirements may expand beyond that of workers who have not taken the time to learn machine learning. For those hoping to remain in the field for many years, learning machine learning is the best path forward to avoid getting weeded out.

Sentient Digital’s Experts Illustrate the Many Advantages of Learning Machine Learning

Machine learning is the future of technology. With so many businesses and industries searching for ways that AI can help them advance, job candidates with machine learning skills are in high demand. Still, not every company has the capacity to train existing employees or hire new employees skilled in machine learning. That’s where Sentient Digital can help.

Sentient Digital’s subject matter experts have studied machine learning extensively. We use these advanced technical skills along with cutting-edge products and services to help organizations overcome the tech issues that can plague a business or government agency that is underprepared.

If you are looking to benefit from machine learning in your organization without making major expansions to your team, consider outsourcing your machine learning needs to Sentient Digital. Our seasoned professionals have experience handling cybersecurity, software development, systems engineering, and many other technology services. We have years of experience handling the complex technology needs of a diverse array of clients. Contact us today to learn how Sentient Digital can apply machine learning and other tools, strategies, and techniques to your business problems.

If you are an IT professional seeking new and exciting opportunities to use your machine learning skills, Sentient Digital could be a great fit for you. Learn more about us, our mission, values, and employment benefits, and browse currently available positions today.