Gregory Niehaus


Gregory Niehaus joined RDA in 2011 immediately after graduating college as an electrical engineer and has been working to serve the Navy’s ASW capabilities for over 11 years. In his systems engineering role, Gregory has had the opportunity to work on every stage of the sonobuoy development process as well as dive into several specific engineering tasks. He has worked on implementation and testing of GPS-denied location services with UPenn, programmed a 4-channel transceiver to record the entire RF buoy band, developed the encoding parameters of the uplink data for the latest R&D sonobuoy, and analyzed the effects of sensor tilt on bearing accuracy to assist in sonobuoy specification development. Gregory continuously appreciates the complexity of the systems involved in ASW operations and benefits from the scholarship and work opportunities the field provides.

Gregory is extremely fortunate to manage a team of talented and accomplished engineers who work on prototype board PCB design, improvements on fleet signal processing techniques, and everything in between.  His personal system analysis experience ranges from unit bench tests and advances to working as a project specialist during data gathering events aboard the Navy’s P-3 and P-8 aircraft. Gregory works with the Navy and other contractors on advancing the mission under a variety of programs and sponsors including PMA-264, ONR, and NUWC. He enjoys working on SBIR proposals and SBIR Phase I, but especially SBIR Phases II and III where hardware and testing are involved.

Gregory has a BSEE degree from the University of Scranton with a minor in Physics. He lives in Warrington, PA with his incredible wife Mae Lynn, and 3 children under 4 years old. He enjoys trying to keep up with his kids, playing basketball and volleyball, and working on functional 3d printing.