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Dear Small Businesses: Here’s How to Give Back to the Community and Be Good Citizens, From Sentient Digital

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At Sentient Digital, Inc., and our subsidiary, RDA, we have insights to share on how to give back to the community, both in our work and personal lives. We pride ourselves on being good citizens, so we have woven this value into our organizational culture. We are grateful to our employees for taking this value on board. There are many ways even small businesses can give back, including by being advocates of change and showing support for causes that matter. These actions benefit your community, your industry, and your company. Here, we’ll discuss some ways that organizations can give back, drawing on our experience to help you put your values into action.

How To Give Back To The Community with Your Organizational Culture

Sentient Digital’s culture is based on its values, and these values are encompassed in its values statement, which is called its C.R.E.E.D. C.R.E.E.D. stands for, “Caring for Each Other, Resilient in Our Work, Eagerness to Learn, Energetic in Our Approach, and Dedication in All that We Do.” These values apply to our work, but they also apply to our efforts to contribute to the community around us. We care about our community and want to help build its resilience. We bring energy and an eagerness to learn about opportunities to effect positive change. We dedicate ourselves to improving the world around us, both in our professional and our personal lives.

The Benefits of Giving Back to the Community

As a small business, you may want to help others, but also have limited time to devote to activities that do not have a direct impact on your business. However, there are many valuable benefits to your business of taking time to think about how to give back to the community. Here are some of the most apparent advantages: 

  • Boost your reputation: Improving your business’ public image, which is a very valuable resource.
  • Draw community interest to your company: Potential backers and clients alike will be proud to do business with you.
  • Enhance brand awareness: By putting yourself out there to help, you are also getting your business’ name in front of people.
  • Do business in a stronger market: Philanthropy can improve the markets where you do business, helping to ensure that your business stands on firmer ground.

Of course, the greatest benefit will be the satisfaction you feel in doing something good, but keeping in mind the above benefits can help you to justify the time away from your typical business activities. 

How to Give Back to the Community as a Small Business

In addition to improving your community, giving back can be great for your reputation and grow your customer base. While it may take up some of your time and financial resources, the good news is that giving back does not have to be difficult and can be a great bonding experience for your employees. Here are a few simple ways you can give back.

Set Some of Your Marketing Budget Aside for Local Nonprofits

As discussed above, charitable giving not only gives you the opportunity to contribute to good causes, but it also serves to raise awareness of your brand. For this reason, it makes sense to use some of your marketing budget to donate to nonprofits or sponsor local events. You’ll be supporting the causes that align with your organizational values and essentially marketing your business at the same time.

Donate Meals

Donating, sorting, or distributing food with shelters, food banks, and similar organizations is one of the simplest ways to give back to the community. It gets you and your team out in front of the community in person, which is a great way to make connections while doing good work. Plus, providing meals is one of the most straightforward ways to help people in need. Finally, the process of collecting food for a food drive or serving in a soup kitchen can be a great way for employees to work together on a new task, boosting both their teamwork and innovative thinking.

Participate in Fundraising Events

Hosting events is a great way to raise money for charity. However, even if you don’t have the capacity to host charitable events yourself, there are many in which small businesses can participate, as sponsors, volunteers, ticketed attendees, and more! From golf tournaments to galas, many events take place throughout the year that offer your business the chance to show up for your community.

A quote from Russell Thurston, Sentient Digital's Vice President of Program Development and Strategy

Donate Subscription Fees

If you offer recurring service periods, subscriptions, or something comparable, you can help your community and promote the service by offering to send the first month’s fee to a nonprofit of your choice. This encourages people to sign up for your recurring services, while also showing them you know how to give back to the community with gratitude for its support of your product or service.

Get Your Team Involved

Finally, you can ask your employees to volunteer in local charity efforts, events, or other activities. You can encourage them to wear company gear at such events to help boost brand awareness while doing so. Additionally, make sure your employees understand that the company supports their efforts to volunteer, donate, and so on, as individuals just as much as at official company events.

Of course, this is just a small sample of the ways you can give back to the community. If you have a mind for innovation, you can find many ways to do this. You may even do something no one has ever done before, and make a great impact on your community, while also boosting your business’ image and, ultimately, your bottom line. 

How Sentient Digital Gives Back to the Community

In accordance with our C.R.E.E.D., Sentient Digital contributes to many community efforts. A particular highlight from this year was our sponsorship of and participation in the Helping Heroes Charity Golf Tournament. Hosted by GRSi and organized by the Friends of Fisher House, the tournament benefitted Fisher House Charleston, which provides a place for families of veterans to stay while the veterans are receiving medical care. Due to our strong organizational commitment to supporting the warfighter, employing veterans, and our work on behalf of national defense, this event was a perfect fit for our values. This is just one example of the many ways an organization can live its values by contributing to the community. It also shows that doing your part does not have to be a somber experience. The players and attendees of the golf tournament had a great time while also knowing that they were supporting a worthy cause.

Another way we have contributed to our community is by helping students and recent graduates to gain experience in our field. We have attended career fairs to answer questions about what we do and how to get started, formed partnerships with universities, as well as providing internships in our organization. In so doing, we help to educate and support the next generation, these students and professionals who in turn may go on to become good citizens, in their work and personal lives in their communities. Taking the time to contribute to improving the future of our community in this way is one of the most rewarding things we do here at Sentient Digital.

How To Give Back To The Community and Be Good Citizens, From Russell Thurston, Sentient Digital’s Vice President of Program Development and Strategy

At Sentient Digital, Inc., our commitment to being good citizens extends beyond the digital landscapes and defense solutions we’re known for. It’s a pledge woven into the fabric of our daily operations, a narrative that complements our innovative spirit with a profound sense of corporate responsibility. 

Foster Community Connection

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For Sentient Digital, community is the cornerstone of our identity. Our C.R.E.E.D.—Caring for Each Other, Resilient in Our Work, Eagerness to Learn, Energetic in Our Approach, and Dedication in All that We Do—propels us to engage actively with the societies that nurture us. Whether it’s through our outreach programs, volunteerism, or partnerships, we’re determined to be more than just a business presence; we’re a positive force in the heart of every community we touch. 

Build Upon Ethical Foundations 

Ethical practices are the backbone of trust, a currency we value above all else. At Sentient Digital, every action and decision is made through the prism of integrity and transparency. We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards, ensuring that we’re not only excelling in innovation but also in ethical conduct

Empower Change 

We empower our employees to be ambassadors of change, both within our organization and in their communities. Through initiatives that encourage charitable activities and causes, we support our team members to carry the banner of Sentient Digital’s values wherever they go, fostering an environment of giving and compassion. 

Set Sustainability as a Standard

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at Sentient Digital; it’s a commitment to future generations. We’ve integrated environmentally conscious practices into every aspect of our business, from reducing our carbon footprint to promoting sustainable innovation. Our goal is to leave a legacy that isn’t just measured in technological advances but also in environmental stewardship. 

Honor Our Heroes

Our dedication to veterans is unwavering. We recognize their sacrifice and value the unique skills they bring. By prioritizing their inclusion in our workforce and backing initiatives aimed at their well-being, we pay homage to their service and enrich our corporate culture with their unparalleled experience. 

Educate and Advocate

Sentient Digital’s influence reaches beyond defense solutions. We are deeply invested in educational programs and awareness initiatives that empower the upcoming generation with knowledge and a platform for change. By doing so, we ensure that our impact resonates far beyond our immediate industry, seeding the future with informed, conscious citizens. 

Exercise Economic Consciousness 

Our success is not measured solely by profit margins but by the ripple effects of our economic footprint. We ensure that the prosperity of Sentient Digital also translates into tangible benefits for our partners, stakeholders, and communities. Our aim is to craft a legacy of abundance that is shared and sustainable. 

Being good citizens is not a role we take lightly; it’s a deliberate choice, an enduring commitment, and a vital part of our identity. At Sentient Digital, we continue to strive for excellence, not just in the services we offer, but in the global narrative we help shape and the societal landscapes we enrich.

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As a good corporate citizen and a team of good citizens of the community, Sentient Digital has worked to build an organizational culture that ensures high-quality work and a work environment that fosters individual contribution and team collaboration. This culture enables us to give back to our communities, and also supports the innovation and drive that help us to succeed. We love to share what we have learned along the way and help our fellow corporate citizens to have a positive impact. To learn more, read our blog, and if working for an organization like this sounds like a fit for you, check out our current job postings.