The DVL Toolset

What Does Your Raw Vulnerability Data Look Like?

​​Performing Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) operations on raw vulnerability data is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process to import and format information from various sources into an output that is ready for analysis. With varying types of devices (Windows, Linux, Cisco) and different classification levels (Unclassified/Classified), cybersecurity analysts and engineers need fast, reliable tools to format this data for review.

Unformatted results from the DVL toolset
Open vulnerabilities from the DVL toolset

SDi Cyber Analysis Toolset

The SDi Cyber Analysis Toolset provides:

  • Automated ETL operations
  • Formats varying raw inputs in seconds
  • Input validation/error handling
  • Selectable views
  • External report generation
  • Multiple types of analysis including authentication, vulnerability, pre/post analysis, and software analysis

Taking Your Cybersecurity Analysis to the Next Level

When your cybersecurity analysts and engineers are freed from the time and effort of preparing raw data for analysis, they can provide greater levels of analytics:

  • Prioritized vulnerability remediation
  • Monitoring through multi-system dashboards
  • Trend analysis
  • Impact-focused attack surface reduction
  • Mission/system customized reporting
  • Multi-platform/portable
  • Integration with SDi vulnerability repository
Weekly production report from the DVL toolset

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