Low-Cost Advanced Processor

RDA’s LCAP: Low-Cost Advanced Processor

Air ASW Systems PMA-264

RDA’s Low-Cost Advanced Processor

OBJECTIVE: LCAP is a Roll-On/Roll-Off ASW acoustic test bed, pioneered aboard the P-3C Orion and now on the P-8A Poseidon.

SBIR Phase: I, II, III

LCAP (Low-Cost Advanced Processor) is the key technical innovation of RDA, Inc. It began in 2003 as a SBIR-funded R&D topic to replace existing but limited recording and monitoring services. RDA then developed it further over multiple PMA-264 Phase 1, 2, and 3 SBIR’s. Since then, LCAP support services have grown to include other aircraft, ship, and laboratory platforms.

LCAP serves as a sonobuoy test, development, and evaluation platform. As an underwater acoustic platform, it enables the recording, command/control, and acoustic processing of legacy and developmental sonobuoys, as well as sonobuoys that can be operated by the legacy P-8A MAS.

As a Naval advantage, LCAP offers an integration capability for system evaluation. With real-time sonobuoy processing ability, the LCAP system provides in-situ observation, analysis, and an on-screen display for both at-sea and in-flight research and development. Engineers and operators can interpret results, identify problems, and adjust test plans immediately. 

Technology Development:

  • LCAP affords a low-cost, fast development platform to test and integrate signal processing into the Navy’s fleet software product.
  • LCAP serves as a sonobuoy development, test, and evaluation platform, most recently for the ADAR 101 A&B, the High-Gain Array and Extended-Range DIFAR, and previously for the 77C DVLA.
  • LCAP is a PC-based architecture for rapid development, high performance, low cost, and easy upgrades.
  • LCAP can command, record, and process virtually all current and experimental sonobuoys in the Navy’s inventory.

Unique Capabilities:

  • NAVAIR airworthiness approved real-time system for concept validation
  • Flight certified for the P-3C and the P-8A
    • Hundreds of test flights have supported EER, IEER, MAC, MAC-E, LAMP, DEER, BTECT, and DARPA projects
  • Real-time sonobuoy & tactical data collection and archiving
  • Collects active sonar and passive sonar results


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