What Makes a Great Business Process Analyst?

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Working in concert with the business and technical teams at a company, a business process analyst helps these organizations run more effectively. They serve to identify trends in data that help firms make the right decisions for improving both operational efficiency and the bottom line.

Professionals in this role boast the right mix of technical skills and business acumen. However, the truly great BPAs take things to another level, adding superior communications skills, keen problem-solving insights, and other abilities to the equation.

The demand for superior business process analysts remains high. If you are interested in becoming a true star in this role; taking your IT career to another level, check out these insights on how to stand out from the pack.

Resourcefulness and the Mind of a Project Manager

A great business process analyst boasts the resourcefulness to find answers and solve problems no matter the complexity of the project or underlying business structure. In this regard, they think like a technical project manager, matching the people, processes, and tools needed to help any IT initiative reach a successful conclusion. Being able to step into the PM role as needed also provides an extra measure of flexibility to their company.

The Subject Matter Expert of their Organization

The best BPAs develop a full understanding of everything from data models to business processes to the latest team messaging applications. They leverage skills in predictive analytics to recommend process improvements and other ways to boost operational efficiency. In short, they become the subject matter expert of their company – the ultimate go-to person.

An Excellent Communicator both Verbally and With the Written Word

Considering a business process analyst serves as a conduit between the technical and business sides of a project, great communication skills are a must. Preeminent BPAs take this to another level, able to ensure the entire team fully understands all aspects of a project. High-end verbal skills definitely are a benefit when serving in a customer-facing role on a difficult technical initiative.

A Superior Understanding of Organizational Tools and Applications

A great BPA is a natural super-user when it comes to the custom and off-the-shelf software applications and tools used by the organization. This knowledge plays a critical role in their ability to determine process bottlenecks and make recommendations on how to fix them. Additionally, a desire to keep learning the latest methodologies and technical innovations ensures their skills never become obsolete.

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