What Happens Once You Win a Government Contract?

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All the hard work keeping your company busy for last month paid off, as your organization won a contract for a technology project with the government. The competition was fierce, but your team’s skill set, and the quality of its bid, helped seal the deal. However, one pressing question remains: What are the next steps after being awarded the contract?

With a successful project in mind, here is a closer look at what happens after winning a government project. Hopefully, these insights ensure the project team stays on the same page throughout the initiative.

Fully Understand the Project Specifications

The project’s managerial team and senior tech leads need a full understanding of the project specs down to every last detail. Just like with private sector work, the government agency might try to get you to perform work outside the specs. Scope creep exists in this industry sector as well.

If this situation arises, make sure it’s dealt with using tact. Trish Summers, president of a government contractor company, commented on her approach. “It’s up to you to do your due diligence. When you’re right, use that as an opportunity to help your customer; don’t use that as an opportunity to say that you’re right,” said Summers.

When Using Subcontractors, Written Agreements Are Vital

Depending on the scope of the project, your company might need to engage subcontractors or partner with another firm. In this scenario, each entity’s responsibilities need to be fully documented in writing. While upfront communication is very important, never assume anything, nor rely on only verbal agreements. NDAs are strongly encouraged, and at times, required explicitly per the contract requirements.

Winning Future Contracts Needs to be Your Goal

A superlative performance and a successful project outcome are obvious short-term goals for your first government contract. But remember to forge positive personal relationships with the stakeholders from the government agency. Seek out constructive feedback from everyone – including any partners or subcontractors – to ensure your team learns any lessons and is better prepared for future contract work.

A first contract provides a great opportunity to get your foot in the door, but also treat it as a chance to learn about new technical directions and potential future projects. Knowing these representatives on a personal basis gives your team a better shot at winning future contracts.

If you need advice on performing successful technology contract work for the government, speak with the experienced team at Sentient Digital, Inc.. We boast many project successes and would make a great partner for your next bid. Schedule some time with us soon.