It’s OK to Look Up from The Computer – 4 Ways IT Professionals Can Stop Straining Their Eyes

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A career in IT can be a rewarding profession that benefits both your professional development and the company you work with. However, with so much of an IT professional’s job being focused on computers, continuously staring at a computer screen day in and day out can be taxing on your eyes.

Studies have shown most office workers suffer from some form of eye strain or other visual symptoms at work, due to long-term viewing of computer screens. Thankfully, there are many tips you can follow to help reduce these symptoms effectively. Here are four ways you can help eliminate your eye strain at work.

Use Better Lighting in the Office

While many offices use florescent lighting above workstations, too much brightness in surrounding areas when focusing on a computer screen can cause your eyes to strain. If possible, use floor lamps instead of fluorescent lighting. Indirect or halogen lighting is much easier for your eyes to adjust to, and can help your eyes with fatigue. Another tip is to make use of drapes, shades, and blinds in the office to keep brightness levels down.

Get an Eye Exam

Whether you wear glasses or not, it’s essential to have your eyes checked regularly by an optometrist. A comprehensive eye exam can help identify any vision problems that can become compounded with long-term exposure to computer screens. In some cases, prescriptions may need to be tweaked over time to compensate for your eyes adjusting to office settings. When you have an exam, make sure to keep your doctor informed on how long you are using your computer, and approximately how far away you sit from it. This information will help make better-informed decisions on how you can minimize eye strain.

Adjust Your Monitor Display Settings

There are several settings you can adjust on your monitor to help minimize eye fatigue. By tweaking brightness levels according to your surroundings, you can find an environment that gives you the clarity on your monitor you need, while also not being too bright or too dark. There are also many applications you can download directly to your computer that automatically adjust the brightness of your monitor throughout the day, reducing fatigue on your eyes.

Take Frequent Breaks

One of the best ways you can avoid any adverse side effects to long-term monitor viewing is by taking regular breaks throughout the day. Even breaking for up to five minutes every hour, or looking away from your monitor regularly, can make a significant impact on the comfort of your eyes. Taking regular breaks not only helps your vision, but also helps reduce the likelihood of shoulder, back, and neck pain, as well.

It’s important to take care of yourself when working in an office setting. By following these basic tips to reduce eye strain and fatigue, you’ll be able to stay productive and comfortable in your career in IT.

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