Top Secret: IT Soft Skills You Didn’t Know You Had!

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In the business world, soft skills are necessary for success. While many think of soft skills as being only essential for professionals in business and marketing, this is a common misconception as soft skills are also vital for IT professionals.

For hiring managers and employers, an IT professional who can demonstrate excellent soft skills is highly sought after. So, what are the soft skills IT professionals should possess?

The Top 5 Soft Skills IT Professionals Need to Have

Communication: Can You Translate Tech to Non-Techies?

The ability to communicate clearly with co-workers and customers is essential. For an IT professional it is especially important to be able to take very technical ideas and translate them to others who may not be as tech-savvy.

Creativity: Are You an Out-of-the-Box Thinker?

Technology is about problem-solving. The ability for IT professionals to tap into their imagination and use it to solve problems is crucial. IT professionals who can use their creativity to provide innovative solutions are highly successful and stand out from their peers.

Flexibility: Do Setbacks Throw You for a Loop or Make You Rise?

For IT professionals, setbacks and unexpected events are constant. While these events can’t be avoided, it is how an IT professional manages these occurrences that define them. The ability to be flexible and work with other stakeholders in stressful situations is a vital asset for professional success. Additionally, part of flexibility is the ability to be open to feedback and flexible to change.

Leadership: Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Even if an IT professional isn’t in a management role, leadership is critical. Today’s IT workplace is highly collaborative, and for all upwardly mobile professionals, there will be a time when they are asked to manage a task which will require strong leadership skills to be successful. With that in mind, the ability to delegate and efficiently communicate with a team is vital for IT professionals.

It’s All About Presentation: Are You Able to Address One Person or a Group?

There will be times in an IT professional’s work life when they will need to present an idea to either a person or a group of people to get buy-in. In order to deliver an effective presentation, an IT professional needs to be able to explain their idea clearly. IT professionals who can successfully present their ideas to a person or group will surely move up the career ladder quickly.

Moving Forward

While many tech professionals focus on their technical skills, they should also be aware of their soft skills. For employers and hiring managers, the soft skills IT professionals bring to the table are important, and excellent soft skills can set them apart from their peers. Soft skills such as communication, creativity, flexibility, leadership and the ability to present ideas clearly are crucial for IT professionals who aspire to climb the ladder in their careers.

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