The Top 5 Tech Skills That Need to Be On Your Resume to Land a Job in the Defense Industry

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A resume speaks volumes, especially for a job seeker in the defense industry. Thus, it is imperative that IT professionals in the defense industry have the right set of tech skills to draw the attention of prospective employers. So, what are the top tech skills that IT job seekers in the defense industry need on their resume?

The Top 5 Tech Skills IT Job Seekers Need on Their Resumes in the Defense Industry

Resume Skill # 1: Cyber Security

Cyber security is a huge a concern for the military and the defense contracting community. Preventing and minimizing cyber-attacks are of the utmost importance for all branches and divisions. Tech professionals with skills in offensive and defensive security are highly sought after. Having certifications such as the CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional) or CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) to prove your cyber security skills is a huge benefit. In fact, for professionals in Information Assurance, DoD Directive 8570 requires that workers have security certifications commensurate with their duties.

Resume Skill #2: Big Data

Big data has become a significant driver for change in the defense contracting IT community. Organizations have always had to deal with vast amounts of data but until recently were unable to put their data to work for them easily. Now, with various analytical tools, organizations are harnessing their data and using the information to make predictions and enhance performance. Hiring managers are looking for tech professionals in the defense community who have experience with analytics tools, modeling, and visual analytics.

Resume Skill #3: Machine Learning

As the military and defense community look to incorporate artificial intelligence into their capabilities, skills such as machine learning are critical. Machine learning is a statistical practice that provides machines the ability to learn by using data that is supplied to them. Machine learning is one of the core practice areas of AI. As AI continues to grow so will the need for IT professionals skilled in machine learning.

Resume Skill #4: Cloud

No matter where you go in the defense contracting world; everyone talks about the cloud. As more organizations move to a cloud-first strategy, changes in cloud platforms are occurring rapidly. Most of these changes are to support AI and machine learning. For example, the DoD contracting community is anxiously awaiting the final release of the JEDI RFP (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure) which could be a winner takes all cloud contract and could reshape cloud computing in the defense community. Hiring managers in the defense contracting community are looking for tech professionals with cloud skills such as applications design, DevOps, and security architecture.

Resume Skill #5: DevOps

DevOps, also sometimes referred to as “Continuous Integration” (CI) or “Continuous Delivery” (CD) is an application development and management practice that aims to integrate software development with deployment and operations. The practice of DevOps is predicated on developing, testing, and deploying code in the shortest amount of time possible by removing all manual effort and ‘customizations.’ As the defense industry attempts to move faster while working leaner, experience with DevOps will guarantee your resume goes to the top of the pile.

Moving Ahead

In the defense industry skills matter, especially for IT job seekers. It is essential for a job seeker pursuing a tech job in the defense world to have the right set of in-demand skills such as cyber security, big data, machine learning, cloud, and DevOps. If you are a job seeker seeking a tech position in the defense community and have questions about where you and your skills fit, it is best to reach out to a professional recruiter.

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