Sentient Digital Earns Multiple Award Schedule from the GSA

Sentient Digital Earns Multiple Award Schedule from the GSA

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As of September 2020, Sentient Digital, Inc. holds a Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) under the IT Solutions subcategory with the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) that will last until September 2025. In short, this contract vehicle allows us to offer specialty IT and cybersecurity services to various government and defense agencies at discounted prices.

Take a look at our GSA contractor information page today! Or keep reading to learn more about Sentient’s recently acquired MAS, what services and prices are available through this contract, and how they benefit eligible government agencies.

Multiple Award Schedules Through the GSA

Multiple Award Schedules, sometimes called Federal Supply Schedules, serve as the main contract vehicle commercial companies can participate in through the GSA. A commercial enterprise with an MAS gains the ability to do two key things:

  1. Apply for special multi-year contracts with various government agencies that are not available to organizations without an MAS
  2. Offer products and services at reduced rates to government agencies that seek out these products and services

Sentient Digital, Inc.’ MAS falls under the Information Technology Services subcategory. According to the GSA, commercial enterprises within this subcategory have the ability to help government organizations meet regulatory mandates and guidelines regarding digital security.

Does Your Agency Qualify for MAS Services and Pricing?

MASs generally connect commercial enterprises with federal agencies. In certain instances, state, local, and tribal bodies may also qualify for these reduced service rates.

Through the GSA’s Cooperative Purchasing Program, state, local, and tribal governments—or any institutions of these governments (including state colleges and universities)—can gain access to specific IT, security, and law enforcement services with an MAS. However, grantees or contractors of state, local, or tribal governments do not qualify for the services and prices offered through an MAS.

If you are uncertain about whether or not your agency or institution would qualify for the Cooperative Purchasing Program, the GSA offers an eligibility determination request service that helps you verify your organization’s eligibility.

How MASs Benefit Government Agencies

For government agencies, there are four key benefits to purchasing products and services through MAS contract holders:

1. Easier Access to MAS Schedule Holders

MASs are a key element of the GSA’s Federal Marketplace (FMP) Strategy. The FMP Strategy outlines the “GSA’s plan to modernize and simplify the buying and selling experience for customers, suppliers, and acquisition professionals.”

Through the FMP Strategy, the GSA has introduced new Special Item Numbers (SINs) as well as new major categories and subcategories. It has also instituted a new single Schedule solicitation feature, which displays a simplified version of the terms and conditions for a Schedule.

Thanks to these advancements in the purchasing system, government buyers can connect with private enterprises more easily and efficiently than ever before.

2. Get the Services You Need Faster

Most GSA Schedules meet the requirements of the Competition in Contracting Act. This removes the need for synopsized Schedule Orders and Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPAs) in FedBizOpps.

As a result, MASs can streamline the ordering procedures for government buyers, enabling them to receive their services and products at a faster rate than an open-market purchase allows.

3. Work with Reliable, Fully-Vetted Suppliers

Government agencies need to know that any third-party enterprises they partner with are safe, secure, and reliable enough to handle highly sensitive government data and projects. Private enterprises that apply for a GSA Schedule must first meet a number of prerequisites in order to even qualify for application, giving government buyers peace of mind.

Companies applying for a GSA Schedule must provide proof of operation for a minimum of two years, as well as successful past performance with at least six previous customers or federal contracts. They are also evaluated based on their financial resources, ability to meet base regulatory compliance mandates for their industry, service and product quality, record of integrity and ethics in their business actions, and more.

4. Competitive Pricing on Specialty Services

The GSA’s contracting officers ensure that the rates and prices of a contract holder’s services or products are reasonable. This evaluation is based on a variety of factors, which may include competitor contracts, historical pricing data, or pricing information available from other sources.

Contracting officers also follow “most favored customer” pricing guidelines. This guarantees that the discounted rate offered through an MAS is fair based on the prices offered to commercial customers.

What Earning an MAS Means for Sentient Digital, Inc.

Earning an MAS from the GSA is a major achievement for a private enterprise. At Sentient Digital, Inc., we are constantly striving to stay up to date and remain competitive in the government contracting field. From tech innovations like our military training simulation software, to certifications like the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), we are always working to grow and stay abreast of government contracting industry trends.

Chris Mobley, our founder and President, had this to say about what this latest opportunity means for our company:

“Sentient is pleased to share our recent award of the GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract 47QTCA20D00FK. With labor categories in both 54151HCAS and 54151S, this contract gives Sentient the opportunity to provide expertise to federal customers in the cybersecurity and IT space. This GSA contract gives a broad range of customers access to our services and we look forward to expanding our customer base.”

— Chris Mobley, founder and President of Sentient Digital, Inc.

Cybersecurity and IT Services from Our MAS

Cybersecurity and technology management are necessary for operating in today’s digital world. Through Sentient’s newly awarded MAS, we are able to offer both highly adaptive cybersecurity services (HACS) and information technology (IT) professional services at competitive prices to government agencies.

We’ll explain how these two labor packages differ and which services may best address your organization’s needs.

Highly Adaptive Cybersecurity Services (HACS)

The recent rise in government-targeted cybercrimes in Louisiana and across the U.S. has led to increases in cybersecurity requirements, regulations, and demands for many government agencies. With these rapid changes, it’s important that all government entities have cybersecurity models that are secure against a wide variety of attacks and threats, as well as flexible enough to meet regulatory standards as they evolve.

All services offered through our HACS (Special Item Number 54151HACS) integrate industry standard requirements around cybersecurity directly into the services offered. Some of the services that fall under the category of HACS include:

  • Advising on enterprise-wide cybersecurity needs, improvements, optimizations, and maintenance
  • Subject matter expertise in security operations, vulnerability management, information security, and incident handling
  • Innovative cybersecurity knowledge and research
  • Program management related to cyber defense, including implementing business process reengineering and overseeing staff
  • Analysis, diagnosis, and conclusion development related to current cybersecurity systems and protocols

With Sentient’s MAS, our services are performed through various staff roles. From general support staff to principal and senior managers, Sentient Digital, Inc. can equip your team with the cybersecurity staff it requires. The roles that our HACS fall under include:

  • Cyber Security Principals and Senior Managers
  • Cyber Security Managers I and II
  • Cyber Security Senior, Technology, Associate, and Support Staffers

While all of these titles are related to cybersecurity support and management, each title comes with separate responsibilities and position qualifications that are relevant to the given role. For example, while Cyber Security Support Staff must have a minimum of three years of prior working experience before coming into this position, a Senior Manager must have at least eight years of experience and a four-year degree in their field.

To review these positions in more detail, take a look at Sentient’s publicly available T&Cs/pricelist.

IT Professional Services

In an increasingly digital government landscape, government entities need up-to-date, reliable, and comprehensive IT services for everyday operations. While our HACS offerings focus strictly on cybersecurity, our IT professional services (Special Item Number 54151S) focus more broadly on all other aspects of daily IT infrastructure and management. Sentient’s various IT professional service offerings through our MAS include:

  • Subject matter expertise on complex system integration projects, technological tools, or methods being implemented within an IT project
  • Systems engineering and other operations projects
  • Management of enterprise IT requirements
  • Technical support in enterprise and solutions architecture, systems and software integration, cybersecurity, and data analytics and visualization
  • General IT services for daily organizational computing needs

Similar to the worker requirements for HACS roles, IT professional roles vary in their requirements related to education, experience, certifications, and other industry qualifications. Our IT professional services include the roles of:

  • IT Principals and Senior Managers
  • IT Managers I and II
  • IT Senior, Technology, Associate, and Support Staffers

To review these positions in more detail, take a look at Sentient’s publicly available T&Cs/pricelist.

Sentient Digital, Inc. MAS Services Pricing

Reduced prices on commercial services is a major benefit of MAS awards. Through Sentient Solution’s MAS, we now offer reduced, fixed-rate prices on our specialized IT and cybersecurity services.

Prices vary depending on the length of the service contract, as well as the Specialty Item Number (SIN) associated with each service. Check out Sentient’s publicly available T&Cs/pricelist today for more information!

Take Advantage of Our Cybersecurity and IT Services

Looking for advanced, high-quality technology services? We’re here to help! Veteran-owned and operated for over two decades, Sentient Digital, Inc. provide a wide variety of IT and cybersecurity services for both government and private sector clients.

If your agency qualifies for MASs, check out our GSA contractor information page today! Regardless of your eligibility to participate in MASs, please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we can help you complete your next IT project or provide ongoing support and services.