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Is Sentient the Right Partner to Help You Win and Fulfill Contracts?

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Gaining and maintaining strong partnerships is a critical element of the government contracting industry. When you come across a solicitation that requests skills and abilities your organization can provide, you want to pounce on it. But if your company can’t complete the work alone, you’ll need a partner you can trust.

Businesses big and small may find that they need more manpower or need to supplement their skills with those of another company in order to fulfill a contract. Larger organizations may also be required to outsource part of a contract’s work to a small or disadvantaged business. In either case, finding the right partner is key.

When looking for a partner, good time management, collaborative efforts, and stability are critical. Prime contractors need subcontractors who won’t hold them up on a project’s timelines or budgets. Meanwhile, subcontractors need prime contractors that can properly manage those responsibilities.

You are more likely to win a contract if all the necessary skill sets and labor force are represented from the start. Understandably, this makes your bid more persuasive than one that promises to acquire the missing expertise, workers, or resources later. In order to move quickly on a proposal, your business should establish a wide range of advantageous partnerships well in advance of an opportunity.

Partners that can provide long-term, mutually beneficial connections stand to offer the most value to your business. Sentient Digital, Inc. can contribute expertise in a variety of areas, including cyber security, systems and network engineering and integration, I.T. program and project management, and more. As a veteran-owned small business with a proven track record, we possess many qualities that make us a profitable prime contractor or subcontractor.

Below are just a few of the many reasons why SDi is a valuable partner to team with and to help your company win and fulfill contracts.

Our Areas of Expertise

Someone typing on a laptop keyboard with printed data and on-screen computer programming scattered on the desk around them.Sentient Digital, Inc. provides technology solutions, managed services, and staff augmentation to defense, federal, and commercial clients. Due to our exceptional service and expertise, we have highly rated past performance. Our company is equipped to handle many complex technology challenges and projects. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Cyber security
  • Systems and network engineering and integration
  • I.T. program and project management
  • C4ISR system full lifecycle support

Our fluidity in government contracting requirements and the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement (DFARS) make us an especially effective partner for those that wish to do business with the DoD and other government agencies.

Most recently, SDi, dba Entrust Government Solutions, won a $49M contract from the Department of the Navy. Our performance on this effort assists the MSC with creating and maintaining C4ISR systems worldwide.

Want to learn more about the skills and abilities we have to offer? Contact us to find out how our expertise can complement yours.

What We Look for in Our Partners

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At SDi, we seek long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships. This helps ensure our partnerships lead to competitive contracting proposals and strong working relationships.

We can act as either prime contractor or subcontractor, depending on the partnership. See if your organization has the qualities we’re looking for in a partner.

Complementary Skill Sets

We seek partners that have expertise areas that are complementary to ours, and we try to avoid too much overlap in skill sets. This way, we can not only offer a full solution to the government, but also we are able to ensure that every team member gets a suitable workload. Too much overlap can lead to excessive internal competition over the same task order areas, while complementary expertise allows us to provide each other with mutual value.

In particular, Sentient Digital, Inc. looks for partners that:

  • Specialize in cloud-based projects and technologies, which serve as an excellent complement to our cyber security and systems integration skills.
  • Provide software, which we can supplement with our skills in technology integration and support.
  • Specialize in employee training and education, which can benefit our clients who may require training for their workforce to use our technology projects or make the most of our services.
  • Provide other professional services that would pair well with our own.

Certifications, Clearances, Contract Vehicles

In addition, we are always eager to work with organizations that have clearances or meet other special contractor requirements. For instance, we are especially interested in working with partners that are DISA vehicle contractors, have security clearances, or have CMMI certifications, though these are not required of our partners.

If you think your business would be a valuable partner to SDi, please contact us to discuss a potential partnership.

What Makes SDi a Valuable Partner?

A bid proposal document with a pair of glasses laid on top.Besides our strong past performance and in-demand areas of expertise, Sentient Digital, Inc. possesses several other qualities that make us beneficial to our partners.

Proximity and Timeliness

At SDi, we pride ourselves on our timeliness. One benefit of our Norfolk office is its close proximity to the naval base and a variety of government contracting work in that area. No matter where our work takes us, we are well equipped to meet the expedited timelines often required by the contracting industry.

After winning a contract with the military, for instance, the contracting team must be able to meet with the military agency within a set timeframe. This can vary from contract to contract, but it is not unheard of to need to meet in as few as 10 or even 5 days. No matter how quickly we need to act, SDi is up for the task.

It is also important to regularly meet with the government contracting officer or other relevant members of the government agency. Washington Technology recommends meeting on at least a quarterly basis. However, when monthly deliverables are the norm, SDi is available to meet even more frequently. By keeping in close contact with the agency we’re contracting for, SDi is able to develop a relationship, gain invaluable feedback, and access additional resources when necessary.

Competitive Advantages and Skills

Sentient Digital, Inc. qualifies for several set-asides and holds ISO certifications, giving your organization access to those contracts specifying such requirements through a partnership with us.

  • We are a small business.
  • We are veteran owned.
  • We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Our organization is also skilled in drafting contracting proposals in the format dictated by the solicitation, allowing us to contribute to proposals in a timely and efficient manner. With our skills and advantages in the contracting industry, we are ready and able to help our partners win and fulfill contracts.

Contact Us About a Contracting Partnership

Sentient Digital, Inc. is looking for quality partnerships, either as a prime contractor or subcontractor. We are committed to developing long-term working relationships that profit both parties.

If you think your organization could benefit from a partnership with SDi, contact us today to discuss contracting partnership opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you!