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Information Technology Careers for Veterans

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If you’re a current or former service member looking to transition into a civilian career, you may want to look into information technology careers for veterans. Many tech companies offer not only high-paying and stable careers, but also are eager to hire veterans with a wide range of abilities. And for veterans who already have clearance, there are a number of benefits to having a security clearance in the IT industry.

Whether you hope to find a job at a tech firm that does not require IT skills, want to learn IT skills before getting hired, or already have IT skills under your belt, there are plenty of options available for you to find the right career fit. The technology industry offers a diverse pool of jobs and training programs suitable for an array of interests, skill sets, and career ambitions.

Keep reading to learn about today’s information technology careers for veterans!

Why Should Veterans Consider Information Technology Careers?

Still on the fence about whether you should look into information technology careers for veterans? Consider both the industry as a whole, as well as what you bring to the table as a former service member.

The IT Industry Is Booming

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Technology has grown wildly in importance, not only to our daily lives but also our economy. The digital economy, or any financial activity resulting from online transactions or technologies between humans or devices, is currently worth $11.5 trillion worldwide.

To put that in perspective, over the last 15 years, the digital economy has increased 2.5 times more rapidly than the global GDP. With these kinds of worldwide profits, it’s no wonder that the average salary for IT employees in the U.S. is $48,430 higher than the average for all jobs.

Lucky for prospective IT employees, it’s far from too late to join this booming industry. Jobs in the tech sphere are projected to grow a whopping 11.0% from 2019 to 2029, compared to an overall forecasted job growth of just 3.7% across all industries.

Vets Have Skills That IT Companies Want

The military and IT industry may not seem to have much in common at first. However, there is actually a great deal of overlap when it comes to the traits that allow you to excel in both fields.

Both the IT industry and the military, for instance, are ultimately about trying to help and serve people. Since most modern businesses rely on IT for successful day-to-day and big picture operations, whether they are tech-based or not, IT professionals spend much of their time being of service to others.

Veterans are trained to excel at a great deal of task-based work that both professions rely on. Other skills veterans possess that are desirable in the IT industry include:

  • Leadership
  • Organization
  • Adaptability
  • Time management
  • Cooperation
  • Tenacity
  • Communication
  • Problem solving

Some veterans enter the civilian world with IT skills already developed due to their experience as military programmers, cybersecurity experts, database administrators, or other jobs requiring technical prowess. These vets often already have valuable IT abilities, such as knowing how to code, use several operating systems, and improve databases, helping them secure a job that much faster within the tech world.

Where Can Veterans Receive IT Training?

Whether you already have IT experience or not, many tech companies large and small are excited about hiring people with experience in the military. Tech companies value individuals who already possess the drive, work ethic, and organizational efficiency prized by the armed services. That’s part of the reason why there are so many great training programs out there that prepare veterans for careers in information technology.

If you’re interested in information technology careers for veterans but worry you lack the tech savvy, consider applying for one of these training programs:

1. Microsoft Software and Systems Academy

The Microsoft Software and Systems Academy (MSSA) offers 18-week training sessions specifically designed to help veterans succeed in information technology careers. You can choose between the cloud development or cloud administration tracks. Graduation from the program allows you to be considered for a job at either Microsoft or one of its affiliate hiring partners.

The program boasts a graduation rate above 90%. And MSSA graduates continue to be successful even after the program has concluded. Well over 600 companies besides Microsoft have hired MSSA graduates for full-time positions.

2. Veteran Transition Mission

The Veteran Transition Mission is an IT bootcamp of sorts. Over 9 intensive weeks, veterans will learn valuable IT and cybersecurity skills on location in Phoenix, Arizona. The bootcamp style of training helps vets to quickly learn skills in an environment not so dissimilar to the military one they just left behind.

While there are many bootcamps out there that provide training in IT and related skills, Veteran Transition Mission is one of the few that both specifically trains students in cybersecurity and specifically educates veterans. As many veterans already have or are at least familiar with security clearances, getting in-depth training in proper cyber hygiene can be a great way to build on skill sets developed in the military while advancing your civilian career in IT.

3. Amazon

Amazon offers numerous programs designed to help veterans transition into the IT field. No matter if you are already experienced or new to technology skills, no matter if you are transitioning to civilian life or have been a vet for a long time, Amazon likely offers a program that you can benefit from.

For example, Amazon’s Adapt program is specifically designed to help wounded former service members excel at civilian careers through training, fellowships, and reasonable accomodations. For those who already have an active security clearance, Amazon’s Apprentice program offers a training program lasting several months, followed by a year of paid, on-the-job training. And the AWS Educate program, like MSSA, seeks to train vets in a variety of cloud computing skills that are in high demand within the IT workforce.

4. Talent Bridge for Veterans

Cisco’s Talent Bridge for Veterans provides several services for vets eager to transition to the IT industry. Cisco’s partnerships with numerous companies, organizations, and schools allow them to provide quality training in a variety of tech fields.

The Cisco Networking Academy has helped over 80,000 service members gain in-demand IT skills since 1997. Cisco also provides its own version of an IT bootcamp, a free but highly selective training program that equips veterans with the technological and consultative knowledge required for an entry-level position at the company.

5. Apprenti

Apprenti focuses on helping an array of individuals who may not have had access to IT training before. Although it’s not exclusively for veterans, 58% of Apprenti participants have served in the armed forces.

If accepted to this selective program, participants will be hired at a tech company for a one-year paid apprenticeship. The goal of the program is to provide participants with long-term employment, and 85% of its apprentices do end up staying on with their company.

Where Can I Find Information Technology Careers for Veterans?

Given the many tech companies eager to hire veterans, there is no shortage of places to look when it comes to finding jobs and launching information technology careers for veterans. In addition to major tech firms, there are numerous opportunities at smaller and mid-sized businesses.

Major Tech Companies That Hire Vets

Multiple large tech corporations have made open pledges to hire more veterans over the coming years. While this list is by no means meant to be all-inclusive, it can be a good starting point when it comes to exploring information technology careers for veterans at big tech organizations.

1. GoDaddy

It’s no surprise that GoDaddy is a veteran-friendly company, given that its CEO is a former Marine. GoDaddy has initiated a variety of efforts to both hire and support employees who are veterans. These include promising to hire 500 service members or spouses over a five-year period, providing community and career development through its internal organization, GDVET, and donating over $1.4 million to the Semper Fi fund.

2. Amazon

Amazon has pledged to hire 25,000 veterans and spouses by 2021, and already employs over 21,000. One of the ways in which the company is increasing this number is by offering reimbursements for veterans willing to start their own delivery businesses. Amazon also provides both active and former service members with an internal network, called Amazon Warriors, to help veterans transition to civilian life and provide meaningful outreach.

3. Google

Another large tech corporation, Google, is also committed to hiring and developing the IT careers of veterans. Google made a public commitment to hiring veterans during a Super Bowl ad and has so far followed through with that promise.

One of Google’s programs designed to help veterans is its Help a Hero Get Hired program. This nationwide event pairs Google mentors with job seekers in need of resume advice, interview preparation, and other skills to help them find a civilian job. Google has an internal organization specifically for its veteran employees that provides valuable resources, training, and community.

Small to Mid-Sized Companies That Hire Vets

It’s not just the tech giants that have the desire or resources to hire veterans. Many smaller companies are also eager to provide veterans with meaningful contracts and employment while benefiting from the unique skills that vets bring to the table. However, finding these opportunities can be tricky if you don’t know where to begin your search.

Luckily, when it comes to developing stable, exciting information technology careers for veterans, Sentient Digital, Inc. can help connect you to great job opportunities that match your interests, ambitions, and skills.

Put Your Civilian IT Career in the Hands of Experts

As you already know if you’ve visited an online job board recently, sorting through the hundreds of current postings to find relevant results can be overwhelming.

Here at Sentient Digital, Inc., we have decades of combined experience in the tech industry. Our in-depth knowledge of the many and varied spaces within the tech field means that we can help you figure out exactly where your particular talents and interests, both military-related and otherwise, would best fit.

When it comes to finding jobs specifically for vets, you can rest assured that our veteran-led organization knows how to navigate the unique challenges that come with transitioning to civilian life, while also leveraging the unique value of military experience.

Although we have many years of expertise, our research and development is always at the cutting edge. Whether we’re developing a novel way of tracking COVID-19 or an AI-powered operational level wargame, our research scientists remain enthusiastically committed to creating innovations with the power to alter military operations, business procedures, and individual lives.

Ready to stop browsing and find the results that are best for you? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find the right IT job. You can also check our job postings to get an idea of the many exciting and veteran-friendly opportunities we have awaiting you.