Prepare Yourself for These Popular Interview Questions

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When interviewing with a technology company serving the defense sector, providing detailed answers to the interviewer’s questions obviously plays a key role in earning a job offer. Of course, this is the same for any tech interview, but the world of defense IT requires specialized knowledge. Expect a thorough exploration of your relevant skills and experience.

Here are a few common IT interview questions you need to keep in mind before your big day. Make sure you prepare answers for these queries as part of your interview preparation.

Familiarity With Specific Programming Language

Listing programming languages in the technical section of your résumé makes it likely you’ll be asked about your knowledge of them. When asked about your expertise, answer confidently without trying to come off as an expert. During technical interviews, you might even get to write a simple code snippet; use this as an additional opportunity to display your skills.

If asked about your familiarity with a language not on your résumé, answer honestly, while expressing a desire to learn about it if required by the position. Technology organizations in the defense and government sector want to hire professionals with a strong desire to learn new things.

Your Experience Level With Government and Defense Technology Projects

Expect a significant portion of the interview to cover your professional technology background, especially if you are experienced in the unique world of government and defense technology. Spend time reviewing the professional history section of your résumé before the interview. You need to keep this information at the forefront of your mind so you can answer clearly and confidently.

Questions probing your experience with C4ISR, FedRAMP, trusted computing assessments and other defense IT topics are also likely. Review these concepts ahead of time to better prepare yourself.

Explain the Positive Impact You Made With Previous Employers

Highlight the tangible impacts your work made throughout your professional history – whether in the defense industry or private sector. Use facts and figures on your résumé, and go into more detail when prompted during the interview. Companies want employees who make a difference.

Do You Work Best Alone or as Part of a Team?

Explain how you enjoy collaboration and working with others, but are also a self-starter and able to learn new things quickly. A combination of both approaches is essential, but Agile and other collaborative methodologies are growing in importance throughout the entire tech world. Emphasize your flexibility and willingness to do whatever it takes for a successful project outcome.

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