Build a Foundation of Success for Your Workforce

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Fostering a company culture focused on the organization’s values and mission statement provides a myriad of benefits to your government technology business. This becomes especially important when your firm operates in the defense tech industry. You want to attract great candidates and subcontractors able to thrive in this unique environment.

Simply put, advertising your organization’s mission and culture in this manner ensures your company employs the right talent that leads to successful technical project outcomes. Expect a healthier bottom line and unparalleled success for your organization as well as its employees and partners.

Here’s how mission statements help build a foundation for success at your technology organization.

Using Culture to Attract Great IT Subcontractors Experienced in the Defense Industry

Technology professionals work harder when they believe in their employer’s mission. In the defense industry, the best candidates draw inspiration by helping both their country and their employer. To attract the best IT pros, companies in this sector need to author compelling statements encompassing the organization’s values, vision and mission.

Putting these sometimes nebulous concepts into black and white helps build a company culture able to attract the best. When competing for tech talent and profitable government contract work, this approach ensures your organization stands out from the pack.

Crafting Inspiring Vision, Mission, and Value Statements

Any IT company’s vision statement describes the future it strives to achieve by acting on its mission statement. Additionally, the value statement highlights the company culture by explaining the philosophies and principles of how the organization conducts business.

Organizations working in IT for the government and the defense industry should publicize all three statements on their corporate website and other related documentation. Since cultural fit impacts your ability to attract, hire, and retain technology candidates who share similar values, also highlight this information on job ads and when attending defense industry IT conferences. This helps you find the right talent able to thrive in your office.

Making Corporate Statements as Effective as Possible

With corporate mission statements, it’s important not to fall in a trap of authoring something clichéd and dull. Use inspirational language for the most impact. Additionally, describe what differentiates your organization from other government IT solution providers.

Ultimately, work together with your company leadership to author something memorable and different, while also keeping things simple and to the point. This approach helps make your government tech company’s culture an important factor in your future success.

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