Avoid Disruption: Implement These Onboarding Strategies to Ensure a Seamless New Hire Addition

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When hiring new employees, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. It’s the responsibility of the employer to give new hires the best opportunity for success as they adapt to their new role. To help with this effort, it’s important to implement effective onboarding strategies for employees to maximize their value over time and significantly decrease turnover rates.

Here are four areas of consideration to take when developing your employee onboarding strategies.

Create Easy Organizational References

When a new hire starts their first day, it can be overwhelming adapting to a new office environment, as well as remembering who everyone is and what their role is with the company. One way to make this easier on new employees is developing an easy way for them to familiarize themselves with department heads and other relevant contacts. An easy way to do this is by incorporating employee profiles with pictures into employee handbooks, for easy reference down the road.

Personalize Your Training

Most companies like to get all their paperwork out of the way on the new hire’s first day. While this may be necessary, it can also be easy to lose sight of the most important thing’s making sure your employee feels welcome in their new role. You should do what you can to spend as much one-on-one time with the employee, so they don’t feel they’re just another number. Plan on spending more time with them until they are up to speed enough to start venturing off on their own.

Avoid the “Wing It” Approach

One of the worst mistakes an employer can make is adopting a “wing it” approach when bringing on a new hire. Not having a hiring plan and onboarding schedule in advance can significantly impact the employees’ ability to develop quickly in their new role. It’s a good idea to have all training events scheduled and documented on a week-by-week basis to ensure all pertinent information is covered.

Consider Web-Based Employee Onboarding Systems

Once a new employee has settled in, it is beneficial to have a centralized hub where they can access essential business materials. Maintaining a company intranet is a great way to organize employee handbooks and other valuable reference materials for new employees. Creating a standardized training program all employees use when starting with the company can help keep training consistent for all new employees, and make sure they are getting the adequate instruction they need to succeed.

New employees are an investment that your help will pay dividends down the road. By doing your part to adequately onboard all new hires, you’ll be sure to maximize your hiring investment while minimizing employee turnover rates.

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