6 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Project Management

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When your company serves the government and defense industry, it’s a whole other environment compared to the regular business world. Different policies, procedures and requirements conspire to distract your focus from the technology project work in which your organization specializes.

In this scenario, outsourcing project management duties can make plenty of sense. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why this is a good idea.

Not Enough Expertise on Defense Industry Project Management

As noted above, a lack of experience managing technology projects for a government or defense initiative is an important reason for outsourcing. Partnership with an organization that has experience in this kind of work can help your company avoid potential mishaps as well as boosting both your team and your client’s confidence in your ability to get the job done right.

Complex Projects Require a Deft Project Manager

Defense industry projects can be long-lasting and complex, with a variety of special requirements not found in the private sector. Leveraging the experience of a skilled project manager allows your technical team to focus solely on their respective areas of expertise and completing their tasks successfully.

Short-Term Project Management Skills Required

If there is a short-term need for PM expertise, outsourcing this work to a team with the right experience and expertise is the smart call. Instead of in-house training your employees for a short term specialized project, acquiring a project manager already in possession of the necessary skills and knowledge can save your company both time and resources.

Outsourcing is a More Cost-Effective Solution

Simply put, outsourcing the project management role on a government project is likely more cost-effective compared to hiring an experienced PM professional. The additional efficiencies gained by your project team also boost the cost savings.

Your In-House PM Talent Can Focus on Private Sector Work

As your technology company continues to grow, outsourcing gives you more flexibility to take on projects in both the government and private sectors. Leverage outsourced PM talent for government work, while your in-house managers concentrate on other business sectors. This enables your company to grow from both sides in business concurrently, and the benefits to both your bottom-line and your revenue are incalculable.

Broaden the Skills of Your In-House Staff

Related to the last point, consider having a junior PM shadow the project manager from your outsourcing partner. Through the shadowing exercise, they will be able to learn what’s different about government and defense technology work vs. the generalized commercial field they are accustomed to. This will better position your firm for additional projects in the future should you need a second PM lead to step up to the plate.

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