5 Spooky Misconceptions About Working With a Recruiter

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For many people, deciding to look for a new job is a scary journey most individuals choose to take on their own. While most individuals can work with recruiters to aid in their search, a surprising amount of job seekers have misunderstandings about what to expect from the relationship.

Here are five spooky misconceptions about working with a recruiter that are easily debunked.

Recruiters Are Expensive

Many job seekers believe recruiters charge a service fee when sourcing new positions for them. This is not the case. Recruiters charge fulfillment fees to their clients (the employer), keeping job candidates salaries or hourly wages intact.

Recruiters Prefer Short-Term Relationships

Staffing agencies pride themselves on their ability to have access to a large talent pool as they assist their clients in their hiring needs. To provide this, agencies need to maintain a long-term relationship with job candidates over time. New job seekers will find it extremely beneficial to build a network of recruiters and stay in touch over time.

Recruiting Agencies Are Designed for Inexperienced People

The modern digital landscape for job hunters can be tough to navigate, even for individuals who have a lot of experience to offer. Many times, being able to have a trusted relationship with employers is the easiest way to get recognized. Staffing agencies have developed long-standing relationships with their clients, and by utilizing their services regardless of your experience level, you have a much better chance of getting an interview and placed for the position.

Recruiters Only Fill Temporary Positions

Most recruiters don’t discriminate when it comes to sourcing full-time or contract positions. Since they work based off of the client’s needs, recruiters may be looking for candidates to fill many different job opportunities, including contract, part time, full time, and seasonal employment.

Recruiters Only Care About Filling the Role

Recruiters are highly invested in the long-term success of job candidates who get hired by their clients. A good reputation plays a crucial role in sustaining a lasting business relationship, and taking the time to carefully match job candidates into a position they’ll stick with benefits the client, employee, and staffing agency.

Work With the IT Experts

By debunking these five common myths, you should feel comfortable speaking to a qualified staffing professional who can help you find your dream job. Contact the experts at Sentient Digital, Inc. today to learn more.