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Since SDi’s inception, we have been committed to delivering unmatched quality, achieving our clients’ goals, and driving innovation in our work, while relentlessly pursuing perpetual growth.  In the rapidly evolving defense and aerospace sectors, we remain adept, agile, in tune with client aspirations, and consistently relevant.

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Vision, Purpose, & Identity | CREED Values Statement | Giving Back | Working at SDi

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Giving Back

At SDi we pride ourselves on being good citizens, so we have woven this value into our organizational culture. We are grateful to our employees for taking this value on board. There are many ways even small businesses can give back, including by being advocates of change and showing support for causes that matter. These actions benefit your community, your industry, and your company.

Working at SDi

SDi’s culture is not just about the way we operate; it’s about the impact we create. It’s about being a force for good, a catalyst for innovation, and resolute in our quest for excellence.

SDi employees strive daily to make our clients successful, inspire each other, grow our value, foster a culture of innovation and adopt robust business practices that meet the dynamic needs of our industry.

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